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Cat Shares A Special Morning Goodbye With Her Human And The Internet Falls In Love

Cat Shares A Special Morning Goodbye With Her Human And The Internet Falls In Love

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Everyone who owns a cat knows that they are creatures of routine. Cats usually require a proper daily schedule, like having their meals at the same time every day.

However, there are some felines who go beyond that and seek extra attention. This endearing ginger cat is a perfect example, requiring a unique morning farewell from its owner before he leaves for the day.

Check out the video below to witness their heartwarming bond, and know that this might be the most adorable thing you’ll see today!

Fredrik, the cat’s owner, said:

“This is a daily ritual in our lives, and it happens many times during the day.”

Every morning, this ginger feline jumps onto the kitchen counter to receive a special goodbye from Frederik. 

First, he reaches his paw toward Frederik and then kneads on his chest. Then he gives kisses to his owner and a few gentle headbutts. In return, the cat receives cuddles and affection. 

Yet, as soon as Frederik steps back from the counter, the cat seems ready for another round. He reaches his paw toward Frederik again and repeats the whole greeting process.

man with cat in the kitchen

It’s adorable as it can be, and I have never seen such an affectionate kitty. Frederik said:

“Our beloved cat Ville shows his great love for me every morning!”

While some cats can’t wait for their owners to leave so they can take things into their own paws, Ville can’t get enough of his owner’s love and attention. It’s a heartwarming display of feline-human companionship!

Which type of cat do you have? Do you have any special greetings like this adorable duo? Let me know in the comments!

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