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All This Senior Cat Ever Knew Was A Rough Street Life Until One Special Lady Turned His Luck Around

All This Senior Cat Ever Knew Was A Rough Street Life Until One Special Lady Turned His Luck Around

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Today, I have something special for you! All you need to do is keep reading, as this story will certainly warm your heart.

This is a heartwarming story about a senior street cat named Toup, who got a chance to experience indoor life for the first time.

Usually, senior street cats are harder to adopt, which is why many of them remain on the streets or in the shelters, waiting for their perfect match. 

a black and white cat sits on a wooden table and looks at the camera
Credit: YouTube

However, Toup chose a different way to find his owner and home. His owner, Mig described how they met:

“Toup came into my life when I was still in high school and living at home with my family. At first, it was like every few months that we’d see him.”

the cat is sitting and yawning
Credit: YouTube

Toup was a street cat who was wandering around and going through people’s trash, searching for some food. Mig believed that someone would feed him sometimes, which explained the fact that he was okay with living outdoors.

However, Mig noticed another thing. It turned out that Toup was once caught in order to be neutered, which explained his tipped ear. Then he was probably released in the same place where he was picked up. 

a cat walks down the street
Credit: YouTube

There was something special about Toup that remained on Mig’s mind. She soon discovered that Toup had no one, which is why she decided to take things into her own hands.

the cat lies on the sand and mocks
Credit: YouTube

Mig and her family started feeding him. The more they fed him, the more he’d come around. She said:

“I think he was really, really thankful for the food that we were giving him.”

Mig and Toup started bonding more each day. When Mig moved out from her parents, right across the street, she planned to adopt Toup and show him the beauty of indoor life.

a black and white cat with half-closed eyes is lying on the couch
Credit: YouTube

She tested him and gradually got him used to a new lifestyle. She fed him for about a year or two before bringing him inside until eventually she began transitioning him indoors.

a smothered cat lies on a knitted white background
Credit: YouTube

Mig thought that this adjustment would be challenging, considering Toup was an older cat who had spent most of his life outdoors. Still, she wanted to provide him with a safe, comfortable place to live and enjoy his remaining years. 

To everyone’s surprise, Toup adjusted to being an indoor cat very quickly. Mig said:

“He turned into a very social cat, which makes me happy. Anytime we have guests over, he loves to be the center of attention, making sure that everybody’s saying hi to him.”

Toup still spends some time outdoors, but Mig ensures that he’s indoors every single night to avoid potential harm.

black and white street cat in the snow
Credit: YouTube

Watching Toup in this video shows how happy he is. He’s definitely enjoying his life, and he seems very thankful to Mig for taking him in. Mig said:

”Our bond is really special. He gives me so much joy.”

Not only Toup brought joy to Mig’s life, but he was also an inspiration for a bigger project. Since adopting Toup, Mig started the Biscuit Factory, an organization dedicated to rescuing other cats. 

black and white street cat in a package
Credit: YouTube

So, who says cats can’t change your life and make you do something valuable? Toup is living proof that a senior street cat can turn your life around. As Mig says:

“Toup is missing half his ear, half his tail, half his teeth, but he is living a full life!” 

a black and white street cat is looking at the camera
Credit: YouTube

I think she couldn’t have described him better! What do you think? If you enjoyed this story, let me know your opinions in the comments!

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