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Lovely Cat Mom Wins The Internet’s Heart For Building A Customized Backyard For Her Dwarf Cat

Lovely Cat Mom Wins The Internet’s Heart For Building A Customized Backyard For Her Dwarf Cat

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Even though cats are typically seen as low-maintenance pets, caring for their unique needs can be quite a challenge, especially when dealing with a special-needs feline. 

However, for devoted cat parents, no task is too daunting when it comes to their beloved furballs.

The woman whose story we’re covering today is a great example of such unwavering devotion. 

Meet Katie, a lovely cat mom who went to extraordinary lengths for her beloved kitty, Fig.

portrait of a dwarf cat on the stairs
Source: @figgypuddin_

Katie had always dreamt of adopting rescue kitties. She looked in some of their local shelters until she stumbled upon littermates Fig and Dante at a Cat Protection charity

Upon submitting her adoption application, Katie received word from the charity that Fig’s growth was not progressing as expected

They wondered if Katie was still interested in adopting both of them – since adopting only one was not an option – which was a proposal she wholeheartedly embraced.

The reason behind Fig’s stunted growth was a condition called feline dwarfism. Due to this condition, Fig will remain a forever kitten and will never reach the size of an adult cat.

portrait of a dwarf cat with yellow eyes
Source: @figgypuddin_

Katie tried to research feline dwarfism, but since the condition was so rare, information on its characteristics, potential health concerns, and required care was scarce.

Over time, Fig showed no signs of potential health issues. Apart from being about a third of the size of her brother Dante, she proved to be equally playful, curious, and active. 

a cat with her kitten is lying on the couch
Source: @figgypuddin_

Katie described her as extremely affectionate. She said:

“I had cats growing up, and they weren’t really interested in human contact, but Fig absolutely loves human contact. She doesn’t sit on your lap, but she’ll sit next to you, and get all of the warmth from the side of your leg.”

Apparently, Fig is also a big fan of belly rubs and food. Well, if you ask me, she deserves an infinite supply of both of them! 

a man caresses a dwarf kitten
Source: @figgypuddin_

Unfortunately, Fig’s X-rays eventually revealed her deformities were more severe than Katie ever imagined.

She lacked kneecaps, and the growth plates in her spine hadn’t fused together properly. Fig required regular pain medication, along with another medication to help with arthritis. 

She might not jump or run like other cats, but she has definitely mastered the art of catwalk.

dwarf kitten walks on a brick beam
Source: @figgypuddin_

Katie made sure Fig’s living space was perfectly suited for her. She installed sets of stairs and ramps throughout her home, ensuring easy access for her petite bundle of joy.

However, what completely won over people on the Internet was a video of Fig’s very own customized backyard Katie posted on her TikTok.

@figgypuddin_ Adpating the garden for a smol cat #dwarfcat #catsoftiktok #figtok ♬ original sound – figgypuddin_

Knowing that overcoming backyard obstacles was a piece of cake for Dante, but a real struggle for Fig, Katie installed raps and walkaways in her garden. By doing so, she made the great outdoors accessible to her tiny feline companion. 

portrait of a machete in the grass with a flower necklace on his head
Source: @figgypuddin_

Even though this unfortunate condition surpasses mere ‘cuteness’ and comes with many serious health concerns, Katie is determined to provide her with the best life possible. As she put it:

“She’s not going to live a long life which is quite hard to come to terms with. But we know she’ll live a happy life. We’re just gonna make her as comfortable as she can while she’s with us.”

This story is a testament to the fact that, despite potential physical limitations, most cat parents are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their cherished pets enjoy a fulfilling life.

a dwarf kitten resting on a man's legs
Source: @figgypuddin_

Katie’s adoration for Fig knows no bounds, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to enhance her furry friend’s life. If you wish to follow her on that journey,  make sure to check out her Instagram and TikTok.

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