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Woman’s Day Takes A Challenging Turn When She Finds A Feisty Feral Kitten Under Her Trash Cans

Woman’s Day Takes A Challenging Turn When She Finds A Feisty Feral Kitten Under Her Trash Cans

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This little, fluffy kitten peeked out from under the trash cans, leaving Cass totally surprised! She had no clue how to approach this tiny, fierce kitten. Cass shared, 

“I don’t even think he had seen a human before, let alone being touched by one.”

kitten hissing
Credit: YouTube

The kitten was scared out of its mind, hissing and even biting Cass a few times as she tried to bring him inside. But she did manage to get him in, though he was not happy about it at all!

Cass ended up using a crate just for him to get more used to the light and his new environment. 

“He’d never been inside before, so everything was brand new for him.”

photo of feral kitten
Credit: YouTube

This little gray fur ball turned out to be the feistiest kitten Cass ever taken in. Getting him to eat was a struggle; he was terrified, always hissing, and ready to stand his ground.

The only way Cass could feed him was by wrapping him in a blanket like a burrito to avoid his tiny claws. Cass explained:

“The only way that I could feed him was getting him into a blanket and wrapping him like a burrito so his little murder mittens wouldn’t come out and try to scratch me.”

close-up photo of scared kitten
Credit: YouTube

It took about five days of wrapping him up like this before he would eat anything. She even had to use a measuring cup to feed him, but it worked!

kitten being fed with yellow spoon
Credit: YouTube

Eventually, he started to trust her, at least for food. 

feral kitten
Credit: YouTube

Wrapped up in his burrito blanket, he began to feel safe and realized nothing bad was going to happen. He was warm, snug, and full.

After a while, he even licked some food off Cass’s finger, which made her super happy. Then she tried putting food on a plate, and that worked too! 

After six days of burrito blankets and hand-feeding, the kitten finally started eating on his own.

“It took almost six days for me to be able to get him to eat out of an actual bowl and not hand-feed him.”

kitten eating
Credit: YouTube

Once the kitten understood that Cass was just trying to keep him warm and fed, he completely changed. Cass won his trust, and he was on the path to a new life.

“The biggest turning point was the day we got a cat hoodie that had a little pocket for him to go into.”

photo of kitten on woman's shoulder
Credit: YouTube

When she put him in the hoodie pocket, he felt all the love and warmth, and for the first time, he meowed instead of hissing.

“It wasn’t a hiss, it was an actual meow.”

woman holding a kitten
Credit: YouTube

That’s how this once scared and abandoned kitten transformed from a hissing bundle of nerves into a bundle of pure happiness.

Cass was amazed by the progress and knew he’d find a forever home easily.

“Once we got more comfortable, we were watching him be on the bed and play for the first time. He let me give him pets without freaking out too badly. It’s indescribable to gain the trust of a cat.”

close-up photo of woman and kitten
Credit: YouTube

Cass named him Church and was so thankful he accepted her. Though she couldn’t keep him, even though he stole her heart, she shared his story online, and many people wanted to adopt sweet, little Church.

“One girl was persistent. I knew that she was the one.”

gray kitten
Credit: YouTube

Church’s new parents drove hours to pick him up. He wasn’t scared at all when they arrived, immediately cuddling up to the girl and falling asleep.

“This was it. This was what was meant to be.”

What a beautiful story, right? Thanks to Cass’s patience and perseverance, this kitten transformed and found a forever home and a loving family.

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