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Young Mama Cat Hears Desperate Cries Of Orphaned Kittens And Immediately Adopts Them All

Young Mama Cat Hears Desperate Cries Of Orphaned Kittens And Immediately Adopts Them All

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Cotillion, a young cat mom of two, was nursing her babies when she heard a distressing sound coming from another room – the sound of weeping kittens.

Her strong motherly instincts wouldn’t let her ignore the cries. There were babies who needed her, and she knew she had to get to them.

cat feeding kittens
Source: Instagram

Cotillion was a young pregnant cat, almost a kitten herself when she came to SPOT Saving Pets One at a Time rescue organization. 

SPOT saved Cotillion from an overfilled shelter, hoping to find her a safe and cozy foster home where she could deliver her babies.

fat mother cat
Source: Instagram

A kind-hearted woman, Jamie Gother, immediately fell in love with this extra-toed pregnant kitty and decided to provide a comfy crib for her. 

In a new foster home, Cotillion gave birth to two kittens, but in a twist of events, she soon became a mother of six!

Shortly after Cotillion gave birth, Jamie welcomed a litter of four orphaned kittens into her foster home. Hoping Cotillion would accept these newcomers into her family, Jamie placed the kittens in another room to start the introduction process.

mother cat and two ginger kittens
Source: Instagram

Jamie wasn’t sure if her plan to adopt the orphaned babies would work, because not all female cats have strong nurturing instincts. However, Cotillion proved to be an amazing momma.

The first time she heard kittens crying from another room, she was instantly alert. She got up and followed the sound, searching for the poor babies that called for a mother.

kittens in a box
Source: Instagram

Going from two to six babies in an instant didn’t seem to bother young mama. She started taking care of the newly arrived kittens right away, as they had always been there.

The fact that the new babies were a bit smaller in size didn’t concern her too much. I’ll just give them more attention and they’ll soon get bigger. As Gother shared for The Dodo:

“Cotillion didn’t get overwhelmed by the sudden tripling of her nursing load. She seemed overjoyed to have them.”

Jamie took good care of the furry family, preparing them for their soon-to-be-found forever homes. She’s fostered many animals and was able to find loving families for all of them.

old woman and mother cat
Source: Instagram

When her babies grew up and were ready for adoption, Cotillion found her forever family too. This amazing mama was adopted into a warm and fuzzy home where she could be happy and relaxed.

After all the hard work, she truly deserved that!

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