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Woman’s Quest For A Kitten Turns Into Love At First Sight With Toothless Senior Cat

Woman’s Quest For A Kitten Turns Into Love At First Sight With Toothless Senior Cat

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Any cat that is different from most others in some way, initially looks difficult to take care of. Most people don’t want to try caring for a blind, deaf, or toothless cat because they feel like they may fail to meet the cat’s needs.

This story proves how any cat can make a good pet if we look past their “disabilities”. A lot of people would turn their back since a toothless cat immediately sounds like a lot of work. 

However, this lady named Anshu did not look away. She saw Nugget, a toothless senior cat, at the shelter and instantly fell in love. 

Toothless Nugget And His Furever Owner

Anshu speaks about how many animals get abandoned in the DC area, and how they only wanted to help out in any way they could. 

“We decided to help and go to a shelter. We actually went to adopt another cat but there we just saw Nugget and immediately fell in love with him.” 

Nugget was found abandoned on the street and was taken to the shelter. He had to have all his teeth extracted due to an infection. 

photo of toothless nugget
Photo from: @toothless.nugget

Anshu actually wanted a kitten. She felt like she wanted a small, cute kitten that would be playful and fun. Well, sometimes the plans we make aren’t really what was meant to be…

toothless nugget lying on floor
Photo from: @toothless.nugget

“He just walked up to us and started instantly hugging us and rubbing against our legs. It made us quite emotional, like how he wanted our touch, and for us to pet him.”

The poor cat just wanted to feel some love, and they couldn’t wait any longer! Anshu and her husband adopted Nugget that same day.

nugget resting in owner's arms
Photo from: @toothless.nugget

The couple actually never had a pet before and they were worried at first: would everything be ok? Would they be good enough for Nugget? 

However, as we can see now, they have connected deeply with Nugget. He is calm and just perfect for newcomers to owning a pet cat. 

cute toothless nugget stretches his paws
Photo from: @toothless.nugget

He’s affectionate, cuddly, and quite calm. It’s pretty clear that Nugget is enjoying his life with his furever family. 

“He’s always around me or my husband. Wherever we are. Working in the kitchen, he’s by our feet.”

We also hear him purr very loudly and even trill. Nugget is, without a doubt, one happy cat. 

photo of nugget in a car
Photo from: @toothless.nugget

One funny thing about Nugget is that he loves cuddling potatoes. Anshu noticed that he would go into her kitchen cabinet whenever she opened it, and he always lay down on the potatoes. 

“He loves cuddling with potatoes. I have a potato cabinet, I picked that up from my mom. Nugget just randomly jumped in the cabinet and he’s sitting amongst all the potatoes.”

Well, Nugget got what he wanted. It’s his cabinet now. 

Nugget hiding in a cabinet
Photo from: @toothless.nugget

He’s a funny little guy! He even has his comfort potatoes, and whenever they go for a ride, he gets potatoes in his cat carrier so he’s comfy. 

Nugget photographed in a cabinet
Photo from: @toothless.nugget

Nugget also doesn’t really like people, Anshu believes it’s because of his sad past. So, he hides in his potato sanctuary whenever they have guests over. It’s simply his safe space. 

Nugget sitting in a cabinet next to his potatoes
Photo from: @toothless.nugget

Anshu and Nugget are true soulmates. She understands him, and he knows when she needs him. They take each other’s stress away – it’s the most beautiful thing. 

Nugget being held by his mom
Photo from: @toothless.nugget

This is one of the most beautiful stories I’ve read lately, how about you? Did you like it? What do you think about Nugget’s potato obsession? I once had a cat who loved to sleep in flower pots, but not just any flower pots!

My cat used to sleep only in a ceramic flower pot with succulent plants in it. I thought it would ruin the succulents, but strangely enough, nothing happened to them. I guess my kitty was too soft. 

Maybe this is why I’m not too surprised that Nugget likes to nap in the potato cabinet. However, it is strange (and amazing at the same time), that he actually has a comforting potato for when they go on a car ride. Whatever helps reduce the stress, right?

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