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Woman Throws Her Boyfriend Out After Overhearing Him Curse At Her Cat

Woman Throws Her Boyfriend Out After Overhearing Him Curse At Her Cat

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What would you do if your partner disliked your furry four-legged roommate? This woman took this very seriously and kicked her boyfriend out for being mean to her cat!

A woman with the username catwoesthrowaway turned to Reddit for advice about an unflattering situation she found herself in. Living with her boyfriend she realized something rather troubling about him – he didn’t like her cat.

As she explained in her post, her cat Millie has been her beloved and loyal companion for several years.

Her boyfriend, who moved in with her recently, started showing concerning behavior toward Millie. It was obvious that he didn’t like sharing his living space with a cat.

woman holding a cat

The woman explains that he expressed his dislike for cats before moving in, but she didn’t give it much thought.

“Back when my BF and I first started dating, he made the joke that if we were ever going to live together, he’d have to “get rid of that cat”, which I dismissed at the time.”

He continued to show an aversion toward Millie, explaining that he was more of a dog person.

“Again, I dismissed this, bc he never acted hostile towards her. I figured it was just a preference.”

As things got more serious and the couple began to discuss moving in together, this issue came up again. Her boyfriend even suggested giving away the animal, because “he didn’t like the idea of living with a cat.”

“I told him that under no circumstances would I get rid of my cat. I felt guilty about being unwilling to compromise, but he actually took it well, and reassured me that if she was this important to me, he’d get over it.”

Thinking that they had found a common ground, the couple began their journey together. However, the unresolved issue was soon brought up again, but this time in a harsher tone.

Unaware that someone was listening, her boyfriend revealed his true feelings and thoughts about the furry resident in the apartment.

“I don’t think he realized I was in the kitchen when he came home. Millie was on the couch and I heard him go into the room and give this sigh. Before I could call out, I heard him say “You’re so f*cking worthless.”

Disgusted and shocked by what she just heard, the woman freaked out and told him to leave the apartment immediately.

“It terrified me, because I’ve never ever heard him speak with such malice. He sounded like a different person.”

The guy left but came back a couple of hours later to discuss and resolve the situation. Explaining his side of the story, he said that his intention wasn’t to be rude but “playfully mean”.

He also expressed his concerns about not being a priority in the relationship.

“He told me he was constantly feeling second best to Millie, who I wouldn’t even consider rehoming, and I had thrown him out over an animal when he’s a person.”

After the conversation, both sides apologized to each other. However, the issue remained lingering because the woman was left feeling confused.

“I think I might have overreacted, but I just don’t know. He’s my boyfriend and she’s something I keep refusing to compromise on. But I also don’t believe that he just misjudged his tone.”

The post shook up Reddit, receiving 12,000 upvotes and more than 3000 comments. Angered by the behavior of her boyfriend, most commenters suggested rethinking the relationship or even breaking up.

The user KnotKarmsa said “Get away from him and keep your cat safe”, and another user wrote “Your bf is never going to be happy with your cat and it will probably come down to him or her. You do you, but I’d pick the cat.”

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