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Woman Comes Home And Finds Something Unusual Strapped Around Her Cat’s Neck

Woman Comes Home And Finds Something Unusual Strapped Around Her Cat’s Neck

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Sage Horn, a devoted cat lover, fell for a man who wasn’t much into cats until they met. However, once they started dating, Jakob found out he loved cats almost as much as Sage did.

In an interview with The Dodo, Sage shared her lifelong love for cats, emphasizing their significant role in her life. The couple now has two cats, and it’s hard to say who’s the bigger cat lover, Jakob or Sage.

They first welcomed Phoenix into their lives and adopted Piper a year after moving into their first home together. One day, Sage came home expecting both her kitties would rush to the door to greet her, but only Phoenix appeared…

two cats laying on a woman
Source: Sage Horn

Immediately concerned, Sage hurried to look for her missing cat, Piper. She rushed upstairs, anxiously asking her boyfriend if he’d seen Piper. He responded that he might have accidentally shut her in a room and said he would go get her.

Sage followed him and found Piper standing at the door, waiting… But Sage noticed something odd. Piper was wearing a new collar with an unusual tag on it.

black cat with heart necklace
Source: Sage Horn

Before Sage could get a closer look, Piper darted off towards the kitchen. Chasing after her, Sage finally managed to catch her and she couldn’t believe what was hanging off her collar…

necklace for cat
Source: Sage Horn

Sage was overwhelmed with surprise and joy, caught in a whirlwind of emotions since she was completely taken by surprise. As she put it:

“I noticed it said, ‘Will you marry me,’ and I turned around, and my boyfriend was down on his knee smiling with the ring in the box and said, ‘Babes, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and the kitties.’”

couple and black cat
Source: Sage Horn

The proposal was an absolute success! Her cherished cat played a significant role, making everything simply purr-fect. 

Sage is overjoyed and looks forward to spending her life with her loving partner and their two cat babies, especially now knowing Jakob shares her deep affection for cats.

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