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Woman Moves To A New House Realizing Previous Owners Left Her A Furry Surprise In The Chicken Coop

Woman Moves To A New House Realizing Previous Owners Left Her A Furry Surprise In The Chicken Coop

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When you move into a new home, sometimes you stumble upon things the previous homeowners left behind. But who could’ve guessed it would be cats?

Well, that’s exactly what Julia Davis found when she settled into her new house down in Birmingham, Alabama. The whole feline adventure kicked off when Julia noticed a white cat hanging out in an old chicken coop in her yard while she was busy unpacking.

She shared this surprising encounter with the kitty on TikTok and boom! That post went viral, racking up over 16 million views for Julia and her newfound furry friend. However, that wasn’t the end of the Coop Kitty saga.

@julia_adavis Drop name suggestions in the comments! Bonus-I really like names that are nouns or names that have shorter nicknames that end in the “e” sound #names #cat ♬ original sound – Julia Davis

What’s The Scoop On The Coop?

portrait of a girl sitting on wooden steps and petting a cat
Source: @julia_adavis

So, how did this whole Coop Kitty story unfold? 

Julia first crossed paths with the white cat and thought he might be a stray or someone’s lost pet. The poor little guy needed some grooming, and his ears had seen better days, but as it turns out, he’s a cuddle bug who adores scratches! Julia explained:

“I figured he belonged to someone since was so sweet. As it turns out, he did belong to someone…the people who lived here before me. The neighbors told me that when they moved, the kitty was left behind.”

a white cat lies on a wooden base
Source: @julia_adavis

Julia turned to TikTok for name ideas, and that post also gained massive attention, boosting her followers from 100k to over 600k. After receiving tons of suggestions, “Cooper” emerged as the top choice for a cat found in a coop!

Julia shared her story with Insider, saying:

“I kind of fell head over heels in love with this guy.”

Another Chicken Coop Cat?

But wait, there’s more to the Coop Kitty Chronicles! Just a few days after Cooper’s TikTok debut, Julia shared footage of a black cat lounging on the coop’s roof, playfully dubbing it “Another Coop Kitty?” This sweet cat got the name “Rufus.”

portrait of a black cat on a roof
Source: @julia_adavis

Now, these two feline pals make regular appearances on social media, keeping their fans in the loop. 

Thanks to some big-hearted folks and their generous donations, Cooper and Rufus secured over $10,000 for their vet bills. Julia’s definitely going to need that support because lately, she’s been discovering “mini Coopers” around the house. 

Kittens are undeniably adorable, but they can be quite a handful!

two cats in a wooden house
Source: @julia_adavis

Julia’s been blown away by the love, saying:

“It’s hard to put into words the amount of care that people have for these creatures that they’ve only seen through a phone screen.”

the girl and the cat look at each other with love
Source: @julia_adavis

“I honestly like to say these cats belong to all of us. Everyone who watches my videos has played a part in their care. It’s been a massive group effort that’s restored my faith in humanity.”

portrait of a white cat lying on a rock and posing in front of the camera
Source: @julia_adavis

“These cats have a better life than they had before with the help of a community of online strangers. I think that’s really awesome.”

So, stay tuned to TikTok for all the heartwarming updates on Cooper, Rufus, and their mini Cooper crew!

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