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Woman Spent 6 Months Trying To Approach Two Stray Cats And It Was Absolutely Worth It

Woman Spent 6 Months Trying To Approach Two Stray Cats And It Was Absolutely Worth It

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Earning the trust of an animal, especially a cat, is a great honor. It looks like the woman from the video below already knows that, as she was fully committed to gaining the trust of two beautiful cats that appeared on her ranch. 

However, gaining a cat’s trust isn’t always an easy journey. Katie knows that from her own experience, and she said:

“It took me six months to approach them.”

photo of two stray cats
Credit: YouTube

Every cat is different; some need more time to adjust to new things and some need less. With that being said, it looks like these two gorgeous kitties named Boo and Bebe decided not to trust anyone until they were completely sure about the person’s intentions.

Can you imagine how patient and loving Katie was when she accomplished her mission after six months? I think that’s simply love, and it’s amazing!

Katie took over her dad’s ranch after he passed away, and she needed to take care of animals there. However, there were also two sister cats who caught her attention.

These two kitties came to live on the ranch, but the problem was that they were not very trusting. Katie said:

“My initial motivation was just to touch them and pick them up, take them to the vet.”

stray cats trying to get closer
Credit: YouTube

After a month of trying to gain their trust, nothing special happened. Katie decided to continue, hoping that she would eventually succeed. She continued:

“I would go down and sit in the barn for however long it took for them to approach me. It was a long, slow, nightly dedication.”

Katie trying to tame the stray cat
Credit: YouTube

However, after 4 months, things have finally started changing. Although Katie hadn’t gained their trust completely, the cat sisters started feeling more comfortable around her.

“The very first time they let me pet them was really exciting!”

Finally after 6 months, the sister cats realized that Katie wouldn’t harm them, so they started to trust her completely. Katie said that her favorite moment was when they entered the house for the first time. 

stray cat comes closer to the feeder
Credit: YouTube

“The biggest milestone was definitely when they came inside. They kind of brought themselves up to the house without me coaxing.”

She had never been more proud in her life. Then Katie realized that these two cats were just two lovely and affectionate fur balls who just needed more time to adjust to her and everything else around them. 

They were finally very happy to be in a home, getting so much love and attention. Unfortunately, one thing had to mess everything up!

stray cat getting used to a new and comfy home
Credit: YouTube

Bebe suddenly started losing a lot of weight, so Katie took her to the ER. After the vet examined Bebe, he told Katie that Bebe had diabetes and that she was the most critical cat that night. 

stray cat during a visit to the vet
Credit: YouTube

Bebe was provided with treatment, and luckily she responded perfectly to it. The next morning she was already like a new cat.

“She was transformed and just became a doglike cat.”

Katie was so happy that Bebe got better and she added:

“I definitely felt like my dad was keeping an eye on everything that was going on.”

two stray cats in their new home
Credit: YouTube

Today, Bebe and Boo are two loving cats who never leave each other’s sides and who make their owner happy every day. They’re really a happy family!

I’m sure it takes a long time to gain a cat’s trust sometimes, but it is ALWAYS worth the wait, because you will make a friend for life, just like Katie did!

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