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Cat Played Hard To Get For Over Three Years Until This Woman Won Her Over – With Her Hair!

Cat Played Hard To Get For Over Three Years Until This Woman Won Her Over – With Her Hair!

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Everybody knows that feral felines are stubborn little fluffballs. Winning them over is no walk in the park, and it takes serious time and effort to get close to them.

However, no matter how stubborn they can be, devoted cat lovers are twice as persistent and won’t back down without a fight. 

It took Catharine over three long years to finally win over Spooky, a feral kitty who played hard to get but eventually had to give up and let her guard down. Let’s dive into the whole story!

Catharine and Spooky crossed paths while she was living abroad. Spooky was always around, keeping her distance like a pro. 

Anytime Catharine tried to get closer, Spooky would take off or give her the hiss-and-swat treatment like they were mortal enemies. 

However, Catharine was determined, especially because Spooky had three kittens, and Catharine managed to keep one named Chip.

When Catharine headed back home, she didn’t leave Spooky behind. Yep, even though Spooky wasn’t her biggest fan, she planned to bring her home alongside Chip.

Back home, Catherine continued her mission to win over Spooky. She tried to bribe her with yummy treats, which were rather unsuccessful attempts in the beginning.  

Although Spooky appeared to be intrigued by her biscuits, her responses were almost always hisses and swats.

Catherine started researching ways how she could get Spooky to eat out of her hand. She tried putting treats at the end of an oven glove, but that didn’t pan out. 

So, she had to switch it up. One day, she left a piece of her clothing on the floor, and surprise, surprise – Spooky started sleeping on it. That came as a big surprise to her. In her words:

“I started to think that, ‘Okay, maybe she likes the smell of me.’” 

So, she started leaving her clothes around, keeping tabs on Spooky’s reactions.

Suddenly, Catharine noticed Spooky creeping closer. The cat would jump on the sofa with Catherine, stand behind her head, and sniff her hair.

That’s when Catherine came to a rather weird conclusion: Spooky liked to play with her hair!

Catharine tested her theory by lying on the floor and letting her hair down. Shy at first, Spooky eventually approached, reaching with her little paws for the hair.

Turns out, Spooky was crazy about Catherine’s hair! In Catherine’s words:

“The smell of my hair was like catnip to her. So, I started doing it more and more often to try and win her over. It was just our little bonding exercise.”

From that point on, everything changed. Spooky started initiating cuddle sessions, coming to Catherine on her own and snuggling up.

Today, she’s no longer an angry and hissing kitty, but rather one full of love she selflessly expresses in so many different ways. 

According to Catherine, Spooky is truly the sweetest kitty. She can’t imagine her life without her, and I’m all here for their love! It is truly a testament to the transformative power of patience and determination.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this lovely story. For more Spooky-related content, I suggest you check out the Instagram profile she shared with her son Chip. 

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