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Abandoned Kittens Stuck To Each Other To Survive Until They Were Rescued In The Nick Of Time

Abandoned Kittens Stuck To Each Other To Survive Until They Were Rescued In The Nick Of Time

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I believe that cats have strong emotions that not only help them bond with others, but also give them strength to survive. That’s exactly why these two abandoned kittens survived.

Buddha the ginger and Bonsai the tortie kitten were left outside for days, and there wasn’t a trace of their mother cat around. Still, they kept each other alive until people saved them. 

two cute abandoned kittens hugging
Credit: Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

These two adorable kittens and their story remind me of two brother foster kittens that I had for 2 months, Mojo and Milo. They were always together and their bond was extremely strong. 

They were inseparable, just like Buddha and Bonsai. Luckily, they were adopted and their paw-rents say they still don’t leave each other’s side.

two cute kittens are playing on the rug
Credit: Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

That’s exactly what happened with these two abandoned kittens. Even after people saved them, they just wouldn’t let go of each other.

Buddha and Bonsai were left out for days without a trace of their mother cat. They were both malnourished and wounded when they were found in Phoenix, Arizona. 

two kittens per woman walk
Credit: Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

People who found them there couldn’t just leave them like that. They were worried, so they decided to contact Melinda Blain (co-founder of Bottle Baby Fosters), and inform her about the abandoned kittens.

two kittens are lying on a pink blanket
Credit: Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

Thanks to Melinda, these two furballs were immediately rescued. She said:

“The tortie girl was only 85 grams, while her brother was 120 grams. She was the weight of an underweight newborn at five days old.”

Considering that these two kittens were found all alone, the only reasonable explanation was that Buddha and Bonsai kept each other alive. I think they were saved at the last moment.

cute kitten with outstretched front paws and claws
Credit: Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

As soon as they were rescued and provided with good care and a quality diet, the results were obvious. Bonsai gained 15 grams after only one day of good rest and a tasty quality diet, despite serious injuries to her legs.

During treatment, she adored belly rubs which helped her calm down, and would always respond with sweet purring as a sign of satisfaction. Melinda said:

“She is a great little fighter and has the loudest purr.”

cute yellow kitten in front of the camera
Credit: Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

Buddha also got better very quickly. He continued fighting so that he could take care of his little sister.

two cute kittens playing on the blanket
Credit: Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

Clearly, they enjoyed all the attention and care that they received, so they started feeling more safe and loved. Melinda added:

“They purred the minute I picked them up. They just seemed to know that they were so loved.”

two kittens sleep leaning on a man's arm
Credit: Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

Buddha and Bonsai had such a strong bond that whenever they were separated, both of them would start crying until they got back together. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, everything had to be done their way. Even nowadays, they’re always together and they do everything as a pair. Most importantly, they’re provided with everything they need, as well as with a lot of love and attention.

two kittens pose in front of the camera
Credit: Melinda Blain @bottlebabyfosters

Finding out such great news always makes my heart warm. Whoever adopted these adorable kittens is definitely blessed. 

I hope that they’re still together and having the best time together! Come here again to read more amazing cat stories!

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