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This Stray Was So Badly Injured People Could Barely Recognize He Was A Cat

This Stray Was So Badly Injured People Could Barely Recognize He Was A Cat

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We all know that our stray feline friends are not exactly living their best lives on the street. They live day to day, constantly having to fend for themselves and fear what tomorrow might bring.

The feline hero of today’s story can be the epitome of the challenging stray life. 

Being so badly injured, people could hardly tell he was a cat at all. Thankfully, fate brought him to the driveway of one special cat lover who ended up saving his life.

Injured stray cat
Source: Pamela Latham

When Pamela Latham noticed a creature that resembled a cat approaching her and her family, she was in utter disbelief. 

The poor thing looked as though he had either been through a bad fight with a fellow feline or was hit by a speeding car, left to survive on his own. His overall condition was heartbreaking!

With the cat barely holding on and every minute counting, Pamela knew that leaving him alone outside that night could prove fatal. 

So, she immediately brought him inside, cleaned him to the best of her abilities, gave him some food, and prepared a nice and warm bed to lie on. The next morning, she rushed him to the vet, in hopes that it still wasn’t too late. 

Cat with big injuries
Source: Pamela Latham

The vet was shocked when he saw the cat all tortured and wounded. When he asked for his name, Pamela explained that he was a stray whom she found the day before and hadn’t had a chance to name yet.

So, they decided to call him Battle Cat for obvious reasons. 

After thoroughly examining him, the vet informed Pamela that Battle Cat basically had every injury under the sun. 

He suffered numerous puncture wounds all over his body, but the most prominent ones were on his face, which had become badly infected. He had a ruptured eardrum, was running a fever, and his eyes were nearly swollen shut.

Additionally, his fur was significantly depleted and infested with fleas and ticks. 

Even though Battle Cat was a complete mess, the vet was still hopeful he would eventually make a full recovery. 

Cute cat with minor injuries
Source: Pamela Latham

Pamela took Battle Cat home to continue taking care of him. 

Since he was severely underweight, she made it her mission to get him to eat and drink as much as he wanted to put on some much-needed weight and get all the nutrients he so obviously lacked.

Thanks to her undying dedication, Battle Cat’s condition significantly improved in a matter of days. 

Witnessing his speedy recovery planted an idea in Pamela’s heart: She was going to keep him forever!

cat standing in the house
Source: Pamela Latham

Only ten days after he was discovered, Battle Cat looked like a completely different cat. He was once again unrecognizable! Pamela fondly recounted:

“I had some doubts that he would make it, but I kept my fingers crossed, and he pulled through with flying colors.”

As his new owner, Pamela decided to name him Lazarus – again, due to obvious reasons – but everyone still referred to him as Battle Cat. 

healed cat
Source: Pamela Latham

According to Pamela, her new furry fighter was the sweetest cat she had ever encountered. In her words:

“He is such a sweetheart. I could not ask for a more humble, easygoing, laid-back cat.”

Despite everything he’s been through – living as a stray feline for so long, being abused, wounded, and potentially even hit by a car – Battle Cat proved to be an extremely loving and affectionate kitty. 

woman holding healed cat
Source: Pamela Latham

This just goes to show that our feline friends are extremely resilient creatures. There’s pretty much nothing they can’t survive, especially if they have someone like Pamela to help, love, and support them.

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