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Photographer Takes Close-Up Photos Of His Cat In The Snow And The Results Are Breathtaking

Photographer Takes Close-Up Photos Of His Cat In The Snow And The Results Are Breathtaking

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Is there anything better than stunning photos of our precious feline friends? I don’t think so.

When I open the gallery on my phone, I’m pretty sure that 98% of the photos are of my kitties. But you know what’s even better than those photos? Professional cat photographs. 

If you agree, then get ready to see some breathtaking pictures of this stunning kitty in the snow.

Furryfritz, a popular photographer and TikTok user, captured amazing close-up photos of his cat in the snow and blessed us with his work of art. Take a look, the results are breathtaking!


Snowy Cat photoshoot with Lissy. She loves sitting outside, no matter if it’s raining or snowing 🌧️❄️😼 And I love capturing these moments. 📸 which shot is your favorite? #furryfritz #catographer #cats #fluffycat #snowcat #catphotography #catphotoshoot #catinsnow #snowkitty #outdoorcat #meowdel #cutecat #kittycat

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He managed to capture every detail possible, including the snowflakes on the cat’s fur and whiskers. Well, not everyone can do that.

Of course, we should praise his cat Lissy too, as she’s a remarkable photo model. You know, taking photos of cats can be a challenging task, but Lissy was born to be a model. 

Cat in snow
Source: Furryfritz

She simply loves posing for stunning photos, and clearly loves snow too, unlike many other cats who prefer being in their cozy homes during cold winter days.

Each breed of cat is different, and some have thick coats and undercoats, enabling them to handle low temperatures and enjoy snow adventures. I’m sure Lissy is one of them.


Some close up and macro shots of my cat Lissy ❄️😺📸 which shot is your favorite? #furryfritz #catographer #cat #snowfall #catphotography #snowcat #cutecat

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However, every cat parent should be careful and keep their beloved cats safe in the snow.

If your cat is not a snow adventurer, make sure you keep it indoors and warm. Most importantly, don’t let your cat outdoors for a long time or without your supervision, as it can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite

Cute cat in snow
Source: Furryfritz

If your kitty desperately wants to go out in the snow, then it would be best to keep it on a leash or harness. 

But, don’t forget one thing – during your snowy walks, remember to take a few photos of your furry friend in the snow. We cat lovers can never get enough of them!

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