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This Cat Managed To Find His Forever Home Despite Black Cat Stigma

This Cat Managed To Find His Forever Home Despite Black Cat Stigma

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I have never had preferences when it comes to coat color or pattern, let alone believed in superstitions. My family had several black cats as pets, and I can even say that some of them were even better pets than, for example, their calico purebred. 

We loved and cared for our black kitties the same way we cared for all our pets. 

two black cats eating outside

I never believed the “scary stories” about black cats and witches. I believe everyone has heard at least one myth about black cats, like the one where it crosses your path and you’re definitely going to experience bad luck. 

Nonsense! All these myths and superstitions led to people being repulsed by black cats which leaves these cats waiting endlessly for someone to adopt them, just like the cat in this story. 

Meet Manny, a beautiful black cat that has spent many days in a shelter. Most likely he’s been there more than six months because no one wanted to adopt him. 

adopted black cat lying on carpet
Photo from: @mannyhalloweencat

Until one day, a lovely lady named Nikki came along and gave Manny a chance!

woman hugging her cat
Photo from: @mannyhalloweencat

Nikki says that they have no idea whether he was always an outdoor cat or if he was abandoned just before he wound up in the shelter. 

“He was in the county animal shelter for a while and then he was in Kitty cottage for I think another six months at least before we met him.”

Nikki went to meet Manny, and he was surprisingly well-behaved and really loving toward her. He let Nikki pet him, and touch his belly, and he even purred a lot.

“He was asleep and when he opened his big green eyes I was like ‘oh I’m in love’ and it’s been perfection every day since then!”

As you can see in the video, Manny is one adorable, well-adjusted, and beautiful black cat. He likes to receive attention and any love that people are willing to provide. 

He is also incredibly smart. He knows his own name and a few words, for example, “treats” and meal names, of course. If you watch the whole video you’ll see the part where Nikki explains how he has a distinct meow when it comes to treats. 

It is the most adorable thing! As Nikki says:

“If he wants a treat, there’s a very specific meow that he’ll give me. The meow sounds like ‘yeah, yeah’.” 

At 1:45 you can actually hear him, and it really does sound like “yeah, yeah” lol. Manny is just incredible! I feel like he’s smarter than most of my cats…

My cats know their feeding schedule but they don’t have a specific meow for their meals or activities. Except for Milo, he is the oldest and I don’t even know how, but he has his own way of asking for cuddles or special treats when no one else is looking. 

Just look at Manny, despite the months of hardship and the fact that he was unwanted for so long, he is the ‘goodest boy’ ever. 

adopted black cat sitting on floor
Photo from: @mannyhalloweencat

Here’s another ‘blep’ for all those who didn’t want to adopt him!

black cat lying on shirt
Photo from: @mannyhalloweencat

I’m so glad that Manny was patient and that the folks at the shelter were kind enough that they let Manny stay with them for as long as he had to. I believe everything happens for a reason and that Manny was meant to be adopted by Nikki.

They’re just so good together. Just look at how happy Manny and his pet parents look.

man and woman posing with their adopted cat
Photo from: @mannyhalloweencat

His life is now full of cuddles, playtime, and yummy treats!

cat lying on owner
Photo from: @mannyhalloweencat

Nikki has a clever way of writing Manny’s posts as if he was writing them. Here I am at my pawesome tunnel:

black cat playing with toys
Photo from: @mannyhalloweencat

Paws Up!

black cat with paws up
Photo from: @mannyhalloweencat

Manny loves his toys, and he loves it most when Nikki combines Halloween and toys!

cat lying by cow toy
Photo from: @mannyhalloweencat

I hope you liked the story of Manny and how there’s always a happy ending… If it’s not happy, then it’s not the end. Keep smiling!

adopted black cat posing for photo
Photo from: @mannyhalloweencat

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