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10 Lap Cat Breeds Purrfect For Long Cuddles

10 Lap Cat Breeds Purrfect For Long Cuddles

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Any cat is a purrfect cat for cuddles. However, some cats tolerate cuddles more than others, especially if we’re talking about picking them up and cuddling them in your lap. 

Some cats are simply not in the mood for lap time, while others will grab any chance they get to climb onto your lap and, if they can, take a looong nap. 

My cats aren’t opposed to it, but they’re not really that into it either, which is good because can you imagine what it would be like if all 7 of them loved to nap in my lap? I couldn’t go anywhere! Hahaha. 

Still, sometimes they will climb onto my lap, especially during the winter. It is a win-win situation; we keep each other warm, I cuddle them, and they keep me stress-free. 

man holding sleeping cat

Let’s see which cat breeds make the best lap cats. I wonder… do you have any of them?

1. American Shorthair

American Shorthair cat
Photo from: @chunbae_gram

American Shorthair cats are purrfect lap cats! They are affectionate, cuddly, and calm as pets, which makes them great for families with kids. They also function very well in active households.

However, there’s nothing they love more than snuggling up in their owner’s lap and enjoying some peace and quiet… cuddling. 

2. Burmese Cat

Cute Burmese cats are quite active, but still, a cat needs to recharge. This is why they’re a perfect lap cat breed. These smart felines will grab any opportunity they get to climb onto your lap and trap you for a good few hours.

3. Russian Blue

Russian Blue cat
Photo from: @kissa_koistinen

Oh, those pretty green eyes will trick anyone into spending the entire day petting a Russian Blue cat in their lap. These soft, beautiful cats will have anyone in awe and you won’t be able to resist the urge to pet them.

It’s like these cats know how adorable they are, so they try to use any chance they can to enjoy some lap time with their cuddlers, I mean, owners. 

4. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold
Photo from:

The Scottish Fold looks just as soft as a Russian Blue cat, but a little more serious. This makes it even more adorable, because how can such a sweet furball also look like a little gentleman cat?

Their orange eyes will captivate anyone who lays eyes on them, which will be ideal for a Scottish Fold since they enjoy a fair share of lap time on their favorite person. 

5. Devon Rex

Devon Rex cat
Photo from:

Devon Rexes are rather small, which makes them ideal for lap cuddles. It’s like they were designed to be lap cats. Their big eyes and extremely short coats will have any cat lover obsessed with them. 

These kitties are always interested in their owners’ affairs, and if you happen to be sitting down, then expect your Devon Rex to be sitting with you, or should I say, on you. 

6. Ragdoll Cat

two cute Ragdoll Cats
Photo from: @cat_ame0412

I believe that this is no surprise since Ragdoll cats are super cuddly and loving, so it’s sort of expected that they’ll be purrfect lap cats as well. 

Ragdolls are always in the mood for some lap time, especially with their favorite person. They love to be petted, held, picked up, and most of all, spend time in your lap… so much time that your legs will go numb. But I believe it’s worth it!

7. Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat with young woman cuddling
Photo from:

Cute Siamese cats love to talk, that’s a known fact, but they love to sit in your lap just as much. They’re super cuddly and won’t mind spending the entire afternoon in their owner’s lap. 

My friend had a really big male Siamese cat named Tom when we were kids, and once Tom would climb onto his lap, he wouldn’t be able to move until his grandma came and lifted Tom off. It was hilarious!

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8. Persian Cat

adorable Persian Cat
Photo from:

If there’s a cat that screams “lap nap”, then that cat would be the Persian. These fluffy felines are known as lap cats since they are very calm and very cuddly. 

There’s no better place for them to relax and enjoy their life than their owner’s lap. I believe that every Persian cat owner would agree that it’s a win-win situation. 

9. Exotic Shorthair

woman caresing cute Exotic Shorthair cat
Photo from: @mi20201226

Is there a cat that looks more like a stuffed toy than the Exotic Shorthair? They always looked like stuffed toys to me when I was a little boy, and still do even now when I know everything about them. 

These cute felines adore lap time, but they won’t jump into anyone’s lap. They need some time before they trust you enough to nap in your lap. 

10. Maine Coon

Yep, you heard it! Maine Coon cats love a good nap on their owner’s lap. Even though they seem too big for that, I believe that no cat is too big for lap time. Just take a look at this majestic floof:

Any cat breed can be a lap cat if they decide to do so, be your cat a Maine Coon or a Sphynx, it doesn’t matter. If they want some lap time, they should have it, it’s on you to figure out how. 

All in all, I believe that it’s a win-win situation. Your cat enjoys it and so do you. Plus, once your cat relaxes in your lap, you can be sure that it trusts you and loves you. 

So, do you have any of these cat breeds? What do you think, are these the ultimate 10 breeds that love lap time the most? 

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