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13 Stunning Bushy Tailed Cat Breeds

13 Stunning Bushy Tailed Cat Breeds

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There are many different types of cats and they all differ in appearance and personality, but this means that every cat lover gets a chance to choose the cat they like the most. 

I always adored bushy tailed cats because their tails add to their overall appearance. I know that I’m not the only one, and that most of you like long-haired felines with fluffy tails.

If you’re looking for a pet friend, here’s a list of cats with bushy tails that you should check out!

13 Cats With Bushy Tails

1. Norwegian Forest Cat
2. Maine Coon
3. Siberian Cat
4. Ragdoll cat
5. Nebelung Cat
6. Somali Cat
7. Birman Cat
8. LaPerm
9. Persian Cat
10. Turkish Angora
11. RagaMuffin Cat
12. Himalayan Cat
13. Balinese Cat

1. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat breed is a large, fluffy long haired cat breed that has thick, waterproof fur which helps them survive extremely cold temperatures.

As they’re one of the fluffiest breeds, they also have fluffy tails, which is why they’re on this list. Aside from their stunning appearance, they also have lovely personalities, which makes them very popular pets.

If you’re looking for a cat breed with a fluffy tail, I suggest you learn more about this breed to see if it’s a perfect pet for you.

2. Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat walk in winter field

The magnificent Maine Coon is simply a big, fluffy cat breed. They’re one of the most popular breeds of cats, mostly for their interesting appearance and easy-going personalities, which is why they’re also called gentle giants. 

They’re characterized by long, thick coats that help them survive extremely cold temperatures. With that being said, it’s logical that they also have long fluffy tails, which not only adds to their appearance, but it also serves them very well. 

Their fluffy tail is very similar to a raccoon tail, which they can curl around their whole body to keep them warm if necessary. Maine coon cats are generally great pets, and there’s no doubt that you’ll stand out with this gorgeous cat. 

Just make sure you take good care of them, especially when it comes to grooming, to keep their tails even bushier. 

3. Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat on the leaf

The Siberian cat breed is one of the fantastic trio when it comes to long-haired cats who are able to survive extreme colds, as they originate from Siberia, Russia. The other two breeds are the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat. 

They’re fluffy cats with bushy tails which makes you want to cuddle with them all day long. Luckily, they are lovely, friendly felines who adore cuddles and are very devoted to their owners.

If you’re looking for a perfect feline friend for your family, I have good news for you. The Siberian cat is actually a great pet for families who have children or other pets, and what’s even better is that you get to choose between many different coat colors and patterns of this gorgeous feline.

4. Ragdoll Cat

two Seal Bicolour Ragdoll Cats sitting on scratching post

The Ragdoll breed is one of my favorite breeds. It is the softest cat breed in both personality and appearance. These cats are basically furry babies, which are very loyal to their owners. 

They adore cuddles and like a lot of attention, which makes them perfect pets for inexperienced owners. On the other hand, cuddling with this kitty is one of the most relaxing activities. 

Their coat is long and extremely soft, with the fluffiest tail on top of everything. However, even though they’re longhaired, they are much easier to maintain as they don’t have an undercoat.

With that being said, they’re also considered hypoallergenic breeds due to this lack of undercoat and lower production of the protein Fel d1 which is responsible for allergic reactions.

5. Nebelung Cat

Nebelung Cat sitting outdoor

When talking about bushy tailed cat breeds, you might want to know more about the Nebelung cat. This is a newer breed of cat which is also very rare; therefore people who aren’t very familiar with the world of cats have probably never heard of this breed. 

If you’re looking for a unique feline to be your friend, this might be the perfect one for you. The Nebelung cat is characterized by a long, dense coat in blue-gray colors, with a pair of green wide-set eyes, ear tufts, and a fluffy tail which they take good care of. 

These kitties are often called long-haired Russian Blue cats and you can really see a resemblance. However, if you choose this cat to be your pet, make sure you inform yourself about the breed and be prepared to pay a high price for one, as they’re very rare.

 6. Somali Cat

Somali cat portrait lying at studio on light wooden parquet

The Somali breed of cat is one of the most interesting cat breeds, although their origin isn’t known for sure. They’re often compared with Abyssinian cats and, because of their resemblance, it is believed that they’re related. 

However, the Somali cat is a long-haired cat with a fluffy tail. Their coat type and their remarkable coat color with its ticked tabby pattern is what makes these kitties so irresistible. Their tail is so bushy and, due to their unique coloration, they’re often referred to as cats with a squirrel tail. 

The Somali cat’s appearance is what attracts many cat lovers at first; however, if you want to adopt one, then you need to learn more about the breed as they usually require more attention than other breeds. 

This includes regular grooming, a lot of exercise, plenty of outdoor space, and a lot of attention. Although their appearance is stunning, they’re much more demanding than you might think. So, think carefully before you get one!

7. Birman Cat 

birman cat looking up

The Birman cat is a stunning feline that is often called the Sacred Cat of Burma. They have both great looks and a nice attitude.

A Burman feline is characterized by a long, silky coat which makes it one of the softest cats, and when you take a look at the whole picture of this kitty, you’ll also notice that it has a fluffy tail. 

These kitties are often characterized by color point patterns which may appear in a variety of colors. Their appearance is the reason why people often confuse them with Ragdoll cats, but when you learn more about these two breeds, you will be able to tell the difference more easily.

If you’re looking for a feline friend with a bushy tail, this one won’t disappoint you. They’re very lovely, playful, and also perfectly suitable pets for different types of families.

8. LaPerm

Two LaPerm cats are lying on top of each other (2)

The LaPerm is a very unique breed of cat that originated in the United States. It is characterized by a long, curly coat and tail, which is the reason why people often compare them to Rex breeds, but the truth is that they’re not related. 

These unique kitties often come in a variety of different colors, and there are many fluffy tortoiseshell or calico LaPerm cats. 

Besides their interesting appearance, they’re often considered great for families with children and other pets, and the plus is that they’re considered hypoallergenic, which is safer for people with cat allergies. 

Owning such a cat is very interesting and fun, but if you wish to adopt one, ensure you learn more about the breed in general and how to take good care of it, especially when it comes to improving its curly coat.

9. Persian Cat

Cute persian cat standing on wooden table

I’m sure that everyone has heard about the Persian cat breed, as they’re one of the most popular breeds of cats. The most noticeable features of the Persian cat are their long, fluffy coats and long, bushy tails. They are adorable and make these cats even cuter. 

Another feature they’re popular for is their small jaw which gives them their flat-face features. Unfortunately, because of that, they may suffer from various health issues, mostly respiratory issues. 

Furthermore, if you adopt one, you might want to feed them food designed for Persian cats, which is suitable for their small jaws.

All in all, these kitties are such beauties and have lovely personalities. They’re intelligent, friendly, playful, and adore being in your company. If you get one, I’m sure you’ll never be bored with this fluffy pet.

10. Turkish Angora

Turkish white angora cat

This magnificent fluffy feline of Turkish origin is another kitty that deserves a place on this list. 

These cats are characterized by long, fluffy coats, but when you take a look at their tail, you’ll notice that it’s even bushier than the rest of the cat’s body, which is very interesting. 

Although they may look like cuddly felines who enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing, they’re not. Turkish Angora cats are cats with athletic body structures who are very energetic. These cats can swim, and it’s probably one of their favorite activities. They need a lot of exercise as they are very playful and energetic. 

All in all, they’re great pets, especially for adventurers, as they like to be included in whatever you’re doing. However, grooming them isn’t the easiest task, but if you enjoy this cat’s company, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the grooming sessions too. 

11. RagaMuffin Cat

RagaMuffin Cat

The RagaMuffin breed is the Ragdoll cat’s twin which is characterized by stunning bushy fur that is long and very soft. Their coat appears even busier around their necks and tails which is the reason why they’re on this list. 

If you’re looking for the perfect feline friend with a fluffy tail and beautiful appearance who will be a perfect pet for your family, then this is the one. Like Ragdolls, RagaMuffin cats are big lap cats who are very friendly and affectionate. 

They adore being the center of attention, but they’re also very energetic and playful, which makes them easy to interact with.

What’s even better is that they come in a variety of different colors, so if you decide to adopt one, then a very difficult decision is ahead of you.

12. Himalayan Cat

beautiful himalayan cat in the field

Another bushy-tailed cat that you should know about is the Himalayan breed of cat. These kitties have an interesting appearance. Their coat is long and thick, but very soft and fluffy. 

The same hair type is on their tail, which is extremely fluffy. Their coat is even more interesting because it may appear in different colorations. The most noticeable feature of Himalayan cats is their big round head and flat face, with big round eyes as well.

If you’re looking for a pet cat that can adapt quickly to different things, then this one is your perfect match. These cats like to relax by themselves, but they also adore playtime and interacting with their humans. 

They adapt easily to change and are great for families with children and other pets too.

13. Balinese Cat

Balinese cat is sitting on the background of green garden

I saved the best for last! Another breed with a fluffy tail is the Balinese cat. The interesting thing about these kitties is that they occurred as a result of a genetic mutation in Siamese cats. 

That means that the Balinese breed of cat is simply a long-haired version of the Siamese cat. With their long coat, they also have the fluffiest tails that are darker than the rest of their body.

This stunning colorpoint pattern can appear in different colors, while the rest of the body is a white or cream color.

Just like Siamese cats, Balinese cats are very loyal to their owners and like to be the center of attention, but I must warn you, these kitties like to chat a lot. Still, if you’re looking for a feline friend who will be your perfect furry companion, then the Balinese cat might be the one.

Which One Would You Like To Have?

In this article, you’re been introduced to the most beautiful bushy-tailed cats that will leave you simply speechless. Long-haired kitties might require higher maintenance, but when you cuddle with these soft furballs you will realize that it is worth it.

Still, before adopting any of these breeds, it would be best for you to be better informed about the specific breed of cat you want in order to find the perfect feline friend that will suit your lifestyle best!