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List Of 7 Energetic Cat Breeds You’ll Adore

List Of 7 Energetic Cat Breeds You’ll Adore

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Every cat person needs to have a breed of cat that suits their personality the best. Every cat breed is different, so if you’re living an easy life, and don’t have much time to play, then you’ll look for an easy, calm cat. 

However, if you’re an adventurer with a lot of free time who’s looking for a playful kitty, then this list is for you! Keep reading and check out these 7 most energetic cat breeds that you’ll want to have!

1. Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian cats are a smaller breed, but they’re one of the most energetic breeds. They’re very playful and curious, which is why they often like to explore their surroundings.

Besides their higher energy, these kitties are also intelligent, and require toys and attention to keep them mentally active. If you’re looking for an energetic cat that’s also a great family pet, you won’t regret adopting an Abyssinian cat!

2. Bengal Cat

Bengal cats are exotic-looking felines who are very energetic. That’s probably due to their wilder roots, as they’re created from a hybrid of the Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. 

Bengals are bigger cats that need a lot of space and stimulation to get rid of their excess energy. So, if you’re ready to commit yourself to your cat friend, then why not choose a Bengal cat? They’re great pets!

3. Balinese Cat

Even though they look like a lazy cat breed, you might be surprised to hear that Balinese cats are actually very active and intelligent. They love to play and learn new, different tricks. One of the easiest things to teach them is to walk on a leash and to play fetch.

Besides their higher energy level, Balinese cats also love a lot of cuddles; therefore, if you want a lovely and energetic cat, this kitty can give you the best of both worlds!

4. Sphynx Cat

The famous, almost hairless cat isn’t only special for its unique appearance only, but also for its playful and energetic nature. Sphynx cats are entertainers and would spend most of their time performing different tricks just to have your attention. 

However, ensure you don’t leave them alone for too long, as they may get lonely!

5. Savannah Cat

Another exotic feline famous for its higher energy level is the Savannah cat. This is a bigger breed of cat, so if you want one, make sure you have plenty of space for this feline. 

Not only are these cats overactive, but they’re also very intelligent and curious. They can learn to do many different things, such as open cupboards, turn water faucets on/off, turn the TV or light on/off, etc.

But remember, this is not one of those cats that will snuggle in your lap and just chill, but the Savannah will definitely entertain you and give you a lot of headbutts, that’s for sure!

6. Devon Rex

Devon Rex is another smaller breed of cat, but that doesn’t make them less active. These sweet kitties are very playful, energetic, and intelligent, but also funny. People often say that Devon Rex cats have a dog-like personality.

They like to cuddle, play, run, and even learn different tricks. These cats also love attention, and for their crazy personality they’re often called “monkeys in catsuits.”

7. Turkish Angora

If you’re looking for an energetic cat that will happily follow you on different adventures, especially the summer ones, the Turkish Angora will devotedly follow you.

These cats are very active, which explains why they like jumping, especially in higher places. One of their favorite activities is swimming. Yes, you heard me right! 

These cats are great swimmers and adore water, so if this is something you share with a Turkish Angora, I have no doubt you’ll be a purrfect duo.

So, here we are at the bottom of the list! What do you think about these energetic breeds, and which one do you like the most? 

I’ll go first – of all these breeds, I would definitely choose a Bengal cat; this breed is on my wish list! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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