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Did You Know All Of These Ragdoll Cat Colors And Patterns?

Did You Know All Of These Ragdoll Cat Colors And Patterns?

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When you have to choose a specific type of cat, in most cases, the hardest decision awaits you. Some cat breeds are characterized by just one color or pattern. However, there are breeds that can appear in many different colorations, such as the Ragdoll. 

Ragdoll cats can appear in the following colors: seal, blue, chocolate, red, cream, and lilac, with the possible coat markings lynx and tortie. All of these colors can appear in the four main pattern types that a Ragdoll may have: colorpoint, bi-color, mitted, and van.

To learn more about it, check out the following colors and patterns which are possible for the Ragdoll cat, and maybe this will help you choose the cat with your favorite coloration.

#1 Colorpoint Pattern

This is one of the most common patterns for a Ragdoll cat and you have probably seen it before too. 

The colorpoint pattern is characterized by a cream or white body with darker color markings on the cat’s extremities such as the face, ears, paws, tails, and slightly on the back. 

This pattern is usually combined with the colors that I mentioned in the introduction. So, let’s check them out!

• Seal Point Ragdoll

seal point ragdoll cat
Photo from: @ladylonnie

• Blue Point Ragdoll

blue point ragdoll cat
Photo from: @beautyandbelle_x

Chocolate Point Ragdoll

chocolate point ragdoll cat
Photo from: @haruki.the.ragdoll

• Red Point Ragdoll

red point ragdoll cat
Photo from: @avuiarts

• Cream Point Ragdoll

cream point ragdoll
Photo from: @camperandleo

• Lilac Point Ragdoll

lilac point ragdoll
Photo from: @wildervision_

#2 Bi-color And Van Pattern

A bi-color pattern, as the name suggests, refers to a coat with two different colors. In this pattern, one color is always white, while the other color is one of the previously mentioned colors characteristic of Ragdoll cats. 

Bi-color Ragdoll cats are also characterized by an inverted V-shaped marking on their face in white color. Cats with this pattern will usually have pink paw pads and nose leather. 

• Seal Bi-color Ragdoll

photo of a seal bicolor cat
Photo from: @bailey.the.ragdollcat

Blue Bi-color Ragdoll

blue bicolor ragdoll cat
Photo from: @meria_liria_ragdolls

• Chocolate Bi-color Ragdoll

chocolate bicolor ragdoll
Photo from: @yuki_and_cayo

• Red Bi-color Ragdoll

red bicolor ragdoll cat
Photo from: @diegotheragdoll

• Cream Bi-color Ragdoll

cream bicolor ragdoll
Photo from: @simba_ragdoll_1124

• Lilac Bi-color Ragdoll

lilac bicolor ragdoll
Photo from: @rosinha_cats

The Van pattern is pretty much the same as bi-color. The only difference is that the Van Ragdoll will have a coat that is mostly white. 

The upper parts of the face, especially the ears, will be a specific color, but most of the body will be white. Still, it’s a van-tastic new look that makes Ragdolls still beautiful.

#3 Mitted Pattern

The mitted pattern refers to the white patches on the cat’s paws, chin, and nose. The white patches on their front paws only cover their feet. They’re usually called cute mittens because they look like miniature socks. 

The patches on their back legs are more extended. Moreover, they may often have a marking on their nose, such as an hourglass shape, a blaze, or similar.

• Seal Mitted Ragdoll

seal mitted ragdoll cat
Photo from: @funia_floppycat

• Blue Mitted Ragdoll

• Chocolate Mitted Ragdoll

chocolate mitted ragdoll
Photo from: @kenzo.the.ragdoll

• Red Mitted Ragdoll

red mitted ragdoll
Photo from: @sixten_acce_zooie

• Cream Mitted Ragdoll

cream mitted ragdoll
Photo from: @fluffyrags

• Lilac Mitted Ragdoll

lilac matted ragdoll
Photo from: @almeborgsragdolls

Other Possible Markings

The following two types are usually defined as additional markings, especially the lynx one. 

The main reason for that is because these two types of markings, which are possible in Ragdolls, can appear with every color and pattern listed above. So, let’s check them out!

Lynx Marking

Lynx markings are actually additional markings that refer to darker tabby stripes over the colored coat. 

For example, a seal lynx Ragdoll will have a cream or white body with darker points in the specific color, and lynx markings over that. It’s important to mention that this marking can be present in any color and pattern of a Ragdoll cat.

• Lynx Point Ragdoll

lynx point ragdoll
Photo from: @lisakdietrich

A gorgeous young seal lynx point Ragdoll kitty.

• Lynx Bi-color Ragdoll

A beautiful picture of the chocolate lynx bi-color Ragdoll.

• Lynx Mitted Ragdoll

lynx mitted ragdoll
Photo from: @noasarkragdolls

An example of seal lynx mitted beauties.

Tortie Marking

This marking makes Ragdolls tortie-ally amazing! As with other cats, tortie or tortoiseshell Ragdolls are always female. 

However, what slightly differentiates the two is the fact that tortie Ragdolls consist of two different colors other than white, which can be mixed together or can appear in larger patches. 

This might often lead to confusion, so it’s crucial to mention that Ragdolls cannot be calico and this marking doesn’t refer to calico. Ragdolls can only be tortie.

• Seal-Tortie Point

• Blue-Cream Tortie Point

blue cream tortie point
Photo from: @desert_ragdolls

• Chocolate-Tortie Point

• Lilac-Cream Tortie Point

Now that you have seen all these amazing Ragdoll cat colors and pattern combinations, tell me, what do you think? Have you found your favorite Ragdoll coloration?

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