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Cat Gets Abandoned By Her Owners After Eight Years And The Heartbreaking Note Reveals Why

Cat Gets Abandoned By Her Owners After Eight Years And The Heartbreaking Note Reveals Why

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One shelter recently shared a cute video on TikTok, featuring their newest furry addition, a kitty named Nala. What caught my attention was the note attached to her cage.

I saw one line and my heart sank. It read: “NEW KITTEN REPLACED ME AFTER 8 YEARS.”

As I watched the video, a deep sadness settled over me. Nala’s note revealed a story that moved me deeply, and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

cat behind the bar
Source: Facebook

Nala spent eight blissful years living in a cozy home with loving owners and a dog friend. However, one event changed her life forever.

Planning to expand their furry family, Nala’s owners brought in a tiny kitten. That was the moment when things took a wrong turn.

You see, Nala was perfectly content with her life but when this kitten arrived, it was like a whirlwind swept through their home. She simply couldn’t adjust to it and her once cherished place in the family began to slip away.

cat watching trough window
Source: Facebook

Despite her family’s best efforts to reconcile the situation, the tension between Nala and the newcomer only escalated. It became clear they just weren’t a good match and one had to leave. Sadly, it was Nala.

As her owners decided to put her in a shelter, Nala’s worst fears were realized – they chose a stranger over her and she lost them forever.

domestic cat sleeping
Source: Facebook

When Nala arrived at the Humane Society of Broward County in Florida, she was greeted with compassion and understanding. However, she felt helpless and heartbroken, longing for her old life.

The shelter staff felt so sorry for her. They saw the sadness in her eyes but they hoped she would feel better once they found her a new home.

However, despite doing their best to find someone willing to adopt her, that didn’t happen and Nala became one of the shelter’s ‘forgotten felines’.

cute domestic cat
Source: Facebook

However, Nala’s caregivers refused to give up on her. Determined to give her the second chance she deserved, they decided to employ a new strategy to attract potential adopters.

They created a heartfelt note, a small but meaningful gesture that spoke volumes about Nala’s case. The note told Nala’s story in such a sweet way, highlighting her years of loyalty, her heartbreak of being replaced, and her hope for a new beginning.

cat letter
Source: Facebook

The shelter staff posted a video of Nala with the note attached to her cage. Just as that note struck a chord with me, it resonated with thousands of people whose hearts went out to Nala.

The video quickly went viral and everyone was deeply moved by her story, flooding the comments section with a desire to help, share, and even adopt her.

@humanebroward Replaced by the new kitten 💔 8-year-old Nala is a cuddly and affectionate female cat that is vocal for food and loves getting treats. Sadly, she did not adjust well to a new kitten that was added to her home, so her family decided to give HER away 🥺💔 She is super friendly with people and likes laps and being pet. She will need a patient adopter, preferably with no other cats 🙏 #sadcat #cat #catsoftiktok #catvideo #adoptme #adopt #adoptacat #tigercat #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #florida #rescue ♬ original sound – Humane Society Broward County

And now, I am thrilled to share an exciting update: Nala has been adopted! She now lives in Texas with a loving family who saw her story and felt compelled to give her the home she deserved.

In her new home, Nala is once again surrounded by love and warmth and it fills my heart with joy to know that she’s finally found her happily ever after.

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