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Meet The Adventurous Duo, Bengal Cat And Its Hedgehog Best Friend 

Meet The Adventurous Duo, Bengal Cat And Its Hedgehog Best Friend 

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It’s not very common to see cats forming friendships with animals other than their own kind. However, sometimes miracles happen, and from these situations, the most unlikely friendships are born.

Just like that, a stunning Bengal cat named Aundree and a little hedgehog named Herbee are breaking all boundaries by being best friends, capturing the hearts of the internet with their overwhelming cuteness.

Aundree and Herbee are both part of Mr. Pokee family, living with their pet mom Talitha Girnus. 

Talitha is a true adventurer, and her pets are her faithful companions. Wherever she goes, she photographs these adorable best friends and shares breathtaking pictures on their Instagram and Facebook.

The bond between this kitty and the hedgehog is truly remarkable. They constantly follow each other and can’t bear to be separated.

You know how they say – a picture is worth a thousand words. With that being said, scroll down to enjoy the breathtaking pictures of this adorable duo in stunning and jaw-dropping locations!













These two are the sweetest pet friends I’ve ever seen. If you liked the story of this unusual pair, make sure you check out more similar stories of cats being friends with other pets:

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