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Most Popular Cat Breeds This Year Plus 3 You Never Heard Off

Most Popular Cat Breeds This Year Plus 3 You Never Heard Off

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If you think that there are ten times more dog people than cat people, well, you’d be surprised. Looks like felines aren’t just popular in your family or home: cats are the second most popular pets in the USA, according to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association).

There are many different cat breeds around the USA, obviously, but today, we’re going to talk about the three most popular breeds as well as three you probably never heard of. 

So, if you want to find out something interesting about felines and their world, I suggest you keep reading.

3 Most Popular Cat Breeds

According to the CFA’s list of 10 most popular breeds from 2021, the most popular felines are:

1. Ragdoll cat

2. Maine Coon

3. Exotic cat

I must admit, the result doesn’t surprise me that much. So, let’s see why these cats are considered the most popular…what’s so special about them?

#1 Ragdoll Cat

To me, Ragdolls have always been one of the most beautiful cats in the world. So, it doesn’t surprise me that they’re first on the list of the most popular cats in the world.

The thing about Ragdolls is that they have easy-going personalities which makes them perfect for both first-time and inexperienced cat owners. They’re very tolerant and gentle with small children and other pets. 

As their name suggests, they’re simply furry dolls who like being picked up and carried around. The only thing they want is your love and attention and they’ll never leave your side. 

What makes them even more popular is their soft medium-length coat that can appear in many different colors and patterns combinations, along with sapphire blue eyes.

I believe that they’re in first place on the list for a reason. And I, too, am seriously considering getting one; they’re simply gorgeous.

#2 Maine Coon

I’m sure you have heard about Maine Coons… I mean how couldn’t you? They’re basically one of the biggest felines in the world. But, besides their size, they also have huge hearts and lovely personalities. I have been lucky enough to see this for myself.

My friend Kim had a black smoke Maine Coon, but unfortunately, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 18. I assure you, they’re the sweetest cats ever; no wonder they’re called gentle giants.

They’re calm most of the time and very loyal, wanting your attention and nothing else. Maine Coons are also very smart and easily trained, which is perfect for many cat parents. 

Besides their size, the thing that makes them even more beautiful is the variety of coat colors and patterns that they may appear in and their long fur. I believe that Maine Coons are popular mostly for their size but once you get to know them, you’ll get to know their real beauty.

#3 Exotic Cat

grey exotic shorthair cat
Photo from: @ginto1818

I must admit that I was surprised to see an Exotic Shorthair cat in third place on the list of the most popular cats. I can, however, guess what they’re popular for – their flat faces

What’s so special about Exotic Shorthair cats is that they’re characterized by their flat-face features. Unfortunately, that feature is both a blessing and a curse. It makes them popular but it is also the main cause of many health issues, mainly breathing difficulties. 

Other than that, these cats are very playful and intelligent and are suitable for more active families. It’s funny because, to me, they don’t look very active. Moreover, they have short fluffy coats that may appear in different colors. So, Exotic Shorthair cat lovers definitely have a lot of options to choose from.

Now that you have learned about the three most popular cat breeds in the world, my question is: Have you heard about the following cat breeds that most people don’t know anything about? Check them out!

3 Cat Breeds You Probably Never Heard Of

Previously, I provided you with a short list of the most popular cat breeds in the world. But, now is the time to learn something about the following cats:

1. Sand cat

2. Black-footed cat

3. Caracal cat

#1 Sand Cat

portrait of a rare breed of sand cat
Photo from: @safariyokohama

The Sand cat is a small wild cat adapted to desert life in Asia and Africa. When I look at the picture of this feline, to me, it looks like a mix between a cat and a fox, but it’s not. 

It’s fascinating that these cats can live in hot deserts without water. They’re also fascinating hunters, who eat smaller animals such as rodents. These cats are fearless, and therefore snakes are one of their favorite prey.

Moreover, Sand cats are nocturnal and crepuscular animals which is the main reason why most people have never heard about them. They’re very hard to see unless you find one in a zoo or a similar place.

#2 Black-Footed Cat

photo of a rare breed black-footed cat
Photo from: @samarakaroo

Don’t let the cute face fool you; this is one of the deadliest wild cats. Who would have believed it, right? The black-footed cat is native to Africa and is considered to be one of the smallest cats in the world.

They’re fatal for their prey because they are extraordinary hunters who have the highest kill rate, with 60 percent of their hunts being successful. They’re characterized by tabby stripes and black paw pads, hence the name. 

The reason why you have probably never heard of this cat is that they’re very rare and endangered and because they’re nocturnal and crepuscular animals that can rarely be seen during the day. Still, it’s a good thing to know that such a cat exists and to know how prosperous this wildlife actually is.

#3 Caracal Cat

photo of two caracal cats
Photo from: @caracalishche

Caracal is a great example of an exotic wild cat. They’re slightly more popular than the previously mentioned breeds. Still, some people never heard of them.

These cats live in the drier areas of Africa and the Middle East. Compared to the previously mentioned breeds, Caracals are way bigger in size. They’re characterized by a ticked pattern and ear tufts, which probably serve as a means of communication. 

When it comes to their skills and abilities, they’re quite popular for being very agile and great hunters. Caracal cats are able to jump up to 10 feet high just to catch prey, which is amazing.

Final Words

So, did you know the most popular cat breeds in the USA, or have you ever heard about these three wild kitties? Which one would you like to have or see in person? Share your answers with me in the comments. 

If I ever get the chance to see one of these cute but dangerous small kitties in person, and you never hear from me ever again, know that my last words were: “Here, kitty kitty, haha!” Hopefully, until next time!

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