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Cat Caught In A Home Fire Ends Up Suffering From Third-Degree Burns

Cat Caught In A Home Fire Ends Up Suffering From Third-Degree Burns

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Russel, a ginger cat, is a true example that cats can be remarkably brave and determined to live. 

This poor ginger boy was rescued from a home fire, suffering from third-degree burns. His condition was extremely severe, and it’s truly surprising that he survived.

Russel the cat in very bad condition at the pet hospital

Due to the burns and injuries, Russel needed amputations and daily care at the hospital. That was when Russel discovered his true purpose – caring for other animals in need.

Russel didn’t let his problems get the best of him, so he started caring for other animals at the pet hospital the moment he became a permanent resident there.

woman holding the ginger cat

He assists the staff at North Carolina’s Animal Emergency Hospital & Urgent Care by visiting and calming other animals in their room.

Photo of Russel with other animals at the hospital

Despite everything he had been through, Russel remained determined to help. Also, despite having issues with movement, he won’t stop unless the hospital staff gently encourages him to take a break. One of the vets said:

“He wants to meet all of our patients. All he wants to do is be with them.”

Russel helping other animals at the hospital

While talking about Russel, a cat with an enormous heart, one of the medical staff said:

“I’m not sure if he can detect suffering in other creatures… He does, however, appear to have a strange talent for bonding with patients.”

Russel lying next to white and black dog

I believe that Russel can truly sense the suffering in other animals, just like cats can detect certain illnesses in people

Russel with a cone around his head and a baby doe lying

It can be said that Russel works as a therapy cat, which isn’t the first case in the cat world. One of the most popular therapy cats was Oscar, the cat famous for comforting patients before their death. 

Photo of Russel curled up next to a big dog

However, Russell’s role is specifically focused on taking care of animals at the pet hospital. He possesses a sixth sense for providing comfort and reassurance when other animals are in need.

Russel with an injured dog

Unfortunately, Russel may never fully recover from his injuries, especially after undergoing foot surgery. Luckily, he has found a secure place at this North Carolina pet hospital, where he receives the finest care possible, thanks to generous donations. 

The medical staff speaks highly of Russel:

“Most cats are distant and independent, but he enjoys being among other animals.”

Photo of Russel's head in a yellow container

“It’s not just about him. He takes great pleasure in providing company to others.”

Russel the cat sleeping on a big gray pillow and a big dog sitting next to him

“He’s a rock star in this town. Everybody is eager to meet him. We’d love to have him as our clinic’s mascot.”

I’m so sorry about everything that this poor ginger feline has been through. But still, I’m happy that he’s now in a safe place with a purpose in mind.

photo of the cat sniffing a dog

Other animals who come to this pet hospital will have nothing to worry about as long as Russel and this amazing medical staff are there.

Russel the cat in an Easter basket

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