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Cat Despises The New Kitten Her Owner Brings Home, Making Her Displeasure Clear To Everyone

Cat Despises The New Kitten Her Owner Brings Home, Making Her Displeasure Clear To Everyone

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I’m sure we can all agree that sharing isn’t always the easiest thing, especially when it’s not something you’re used to.

Even our furry friends, like young children, sometimes feel jealous when they have to share their space and their loved ones. Let me share a purrfect example with you!

Meet Yasmin, a devoted cat lover and the proud parent of Aiko, a beautiful tabby cat. For quite some time, Aiko had been the sole feline ruler of Yasmin’s home. However, fate had different plans in store.

It all began when Yasmin received a message from her friend about a pair of kittens in her backyard. Without hesitation, Yasmin rushed over to help her friend care for them. 

cat lying
Credit: YouTube

Unexpectedly, she found herself returning home with one of those adorable kittens. Yasmin recalled the moment, saying:

“I had no intention really, of taking one home, but when I say how friendly the kitten was, I was just wondering, ‘Maybe they will get along with my cat at home.’”

Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as smoothly as Yasmin had hoped. Aiko was less than thrilled about the new addition to the family. 

close-up photo of cat
Credit: YouTube

She hissed and screamed at the kitten, making it clear that she enjoyed being the sole cat in the household. Yasmin was understandably concerned, saying:

“I had never heard this type of scream from her before.”

The poor new kitten, whom Yasmin lovingly named Silo, felt scared in the presence of Aiko but remained determined to win her acceptance. 

two cats looking at each other through glass door
Credit: YouTube

Meanwhile, he completely won over Yasmin and her boyfriend. Yasmin fell in love with Silo from the moment they met, and over time, he managed to win the heart of Yasmin’s boyfriend as well. She continued:

“My boyfriend didn’t want any pets. He would be here on the counter on the computer, and Silo would just climb up on top of his lap and just sleep there. They both adjusted to each other very fast.”

So, Aiko remained the only one who refused to accept Silo. Yasmin knew that introducing the cats properly would be a challenging task, but giving up was not an option.


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She decided to start by introducing their scents to each other. However, the first encounter went differently than planned. 

After petting Silo for a while, Yasmin approached Aiko, allowing her to smell her hand. Aiko responded by growling and hissing, clearly expressing her anger and discontent. 

“She wanted to be the only one.”

But then, another problem appeared. Aiko was angry and aggressive not only towards Silo, but her parents as well, refusing to let them come near her.

woman looking at cat on top of mattress
Credit: YouTube

Yasmin kept the cats separated to avoid possible conflicts, but then, three days later, things finally started to change.

Although the cats were in separate rooms, they could see each other through the glass. Surprisingly, Aiko’s behavior took a positive turn. She stopped hissing and growling at Silo and seemed more accepting of his presence. 

two cats walking in grass
Credit: YouTube

As the days passed, their relationship continued to improve. Aiko and Silo ventured outdoors together, and Silo displayed a sense of curiosity. It was as if he were testing how close he could get to Aiko without triggering her aggression.

Luckily for everyone, this encounter went without any incidents and broke down the barrier between the two cats.

@aikoandsilo Replying to @dani ♬ You've Got a Friend in Me – From "Toy Story"/Soundtrack Version – Randy Newman

After two weeks of careful introduction, Yasmin returned home one day to a heartwarming surprise – Aiko and Silo were lounging side by side on the terrace. Yasmin was overjoyed, saying:

“Obviously everything takes time. But in the short span of a month and a half, they’ve already made so much progress just by laying next to each other and sniffing each other.”

Yasmin was really happy with Aiko as her only cat, but the idea of her cat growing up with a furry companion wasn’t bad at all. When she unexpectedly adopted Silo, she had no idea that the journey might be challenging. 

photo of two cats lying outside
Credit: YouTube

Aiko accepted Silo after only a month, while in some cases it can take a few months for the cats to adjust to each other. Everything turned out alright after all! Yasmin said:

“We’re just excited that they’re going to be siblings now and grow up in a happy home, and we’re giving them all the love and care.”

If you enjoyed this heartwarming tale of a feline duo finding harmony, you can follow their delightful adventures on their TikTok account, aikoandsilo. Also, don’t forget to check out the full video documenting Aiko and Silo’s adjustment period!

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