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Nobody Wanted To Adopt This Cat Because Of Her Unfortunate Facial Marking

Nobody Wanted To Adopt This Cat Because Of Her Unfortunate Facial Marking

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Our lovely feline friends come in every size and color you might like. No matter if they’re white, tabby, calico, or black we can all agree on one thing – they’re adorable!

However, a gorgeous cat named Daisy had trouble finding her forever home. This beauty was rescued by The Mini Kitty Commune after her owner sadly passed away.

cat with long fur
Credit: Facebook

The shelter wanted to find her a new loving home, as shared on their Facebook:

“Daisy is 9 years old and ready to spend her time snuggling on anything warm & happy to watch the world go by. She is very easy going and doesn’t want for much, she loves company of humans but has also been around other cats so will do well after correct introductions.”

However, once the shelter posted her photos their followers couldn’t help but notice her unfortunate facial marking. 

Some found it hilarious, others on the other hand not so much. The marking looked a lot like… well, I’ll let you judge it yourself!

cat with facial marking
Credit: Facebook

Do you see it, LOL? Honestly, I found it hilarious and adorable at the same time. Daisy, on the other hand, had no idea what was happening around her. She just wanted a new loving home!

The shelter workers also thought she was quite distinctive, as they wrote:

“Some say she has unfortunate facial markings but we call it totally unique.”

cat having a strange facial marking
Credit: Facebook

Daisy took the internet by storm and soon enough potential adopters were contacting the shelter. Her unfortunate facial marking got her all the attention she needed to finally find a loving home!

Some people, however, saw past the obscene markings and they commented how it reminded them of ‘angel wings’

cat sleeping
Credit: Facebook

Whatever you might see on her face, one thing is for sure. Daisy is adorable and hopefully, soon enough she will find her forever home!

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