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Although Cruelly Dumped In Trash, This Beautiful Cat Ends Up Being Someone’s Treasure

Although Cruelly Dumped In Trash, This Beautiful Cat Ends Up Being Someone’s Treasure

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This is a story of resilience and compassion, introducing us to the remarkable journey of a kitten named Dash.

Dash’s journey begins in the most heart-wrenching of circumstances. He was thrown away with his brothers. Can you imagine, a litter of kittens, cruelly discarded in the trash?

When Lindsay got to the rescue, Dash was the only kitten left out of that litter of brothers. However, he bonded with another kitten at the rescue, named Luna. 

Lindsay, as caring as she is, decided to adopt both Dash and Luna, since she didn’t want to break their bond.

Lindsay confesses:

“I was a little nervous to get two kittens.”

Yet, witnessing them together in their forever home made her realize it was the best decision ever. For anyone contemplating the idea of adopting two feline companions, Lindsay enthusiastically encourages it. 

Dash and Luna keep each other entertained, eliminating the fear of separation anxiety.

Around eight months old, Lindsay noticed something amiss with Dash. She recalls:

“He would just randomly kind of tilt to the side and cough a little bit, just a few times.”

Initially reminiscent of typical feline behavior, Lindsay’s concern led her to consult a vet. The diagnosis was unexpected: Dash had asthma. 

“I wanted to show the vet and did an x-ray, and that’s when he said, oh yeah, he’s got asthma.”

The revelation was distressing for Lindsay, especially since she had to work every day. She reflects:

“I just never wanted to leave because I never knew if he was going to stop breathing.”

The initial management was challenging, but Lindsay sought help from a specialist. With medication and an inhaler, Dash’s asthma is now under control. 

Lindsay dutifully administers his inhaler twice a day, respecting Dash’s quirks, like needing the inhaler in a particular spot.

“He needs to take the inhaler twice a day. Every 12 hours.”

It’s an amazing thing to see how much Dash trusts Lindsay. He needs to inhale 10 times while using the inhaler, and it’s an incredible thing to witness.

Sometimes, he gets a bit quirky and if the inhaler is in a different spot in the house, he’ll refuse to use it. But, Lindsay still takes her time and waits patiently until Dash relaxes.

Lindsay shares insights into Dash’s personality, saying:

“He’s funny. He’s a weirdo. His nickname is Dashole because he can be a little rude to his sister.”

Dash’s mornings begin with a hungry dash for breakfast, adding an element of morning surprise to Lindsay’s routine.

“He just acts different at night.”

It’s like he gets more nervous during the night, so their mornings start out active!

“Dash wants to be pet and loved on his terms. If I try to go up to him like ‘oh, I love you’, I will get pushed away.”

Despite his quirks, Dash values his independence. Lindsay respects his autonomy, understanding that he’s been through a lot. 

Considering Dash has been through so much already, it’s a good thing that he’s independent. 

Dash is an incredibly brave and amazing pet, and Lindsay considers herself fortunate to have him by her side. Their unique bond exemplifies the power of love and compassion. And I’m sure Dash is 100% lucky to have Lindsay! 

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