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Missing Cat From Utah Found In An Amazon Box After She Flew Hundreds Of Miles To California

Missing Cat From Utah Found In An Amazon Box After She Flew Hundreds Of Miles To California

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You know how cats can be, always up to some mischief. But this kitty took it to a whole new level – she snuck into an Amazon box, totally unnoticed. And just like that, this furry special delivery was off on a ride, traveling hundreds of miles across the country!

Galena disappeared from her home in Utah and left her owners heartbroken. They searched for her everywhere, put up posters, and shared her picture online, but Galena was nowhere to be found.

Her mom Carrie Clark revealed in an interview just how much her feline friend meant to her:

“Galena is a huge emotional support to me and has helped me get through many health challenges over the past six years… The anxiety and stress of not knowing what happened to her was excruciating.”

cat in an amazon box
Credit: Carrie Clark & Brandy Hunter

A week later, Carrie received a surprising text message saying that Galena’s microchip had been detected. Immediately after, a call came from an unknown vet who informed her that Galena was found in an Amazon box in California!

As it turned out, a warehouse worker named Brandy discovered the kitty in this cardboard and saved her life just in time. Brandy took care of Galena before she brought her to the vet the day after.

woman holding a cat
Credit: Carrie Clark & Brandy Hunter

Stunned by this shocking news, Carry shared:

“I didn’t believe her at first and thought it was a prank.”

Questions raced through Carrie’s mind as she couldn’t figure out how her cat ended up there. And then it hit her – with no one around, Galena snuck into the return box they shipped out. She continued:

“I ran to tell my husband that Galena was found and we broke down upon realizing that she must have jumped into an oversized box that we shipped out the previous Wednesday. The box was a ‘try before you buy,’ and filled with steel-toed work boots.”

amazon package with boxes
Credit: Carrie Clark & Brandy Hunter

Trapped for six days inside the box, Galena’s survival was nothing short of miraculous! Luckily, the box had a loose seam, which allowed this poor kitty to breathe. Carrie explained:

“The box Galena was in, was split open on one seam, and that gave her air to breathe. The weather temperatures were ideal and she didn’t overheat or freeze.”

man and woman on a plane
Credit: Carrie Clark & Brandy Hunter

Carrie and her husband couldn’t wait to reunite with their beloved cat. So they instantly booked a flight to California, like any caring pet parent would.

The thought of seeing Galena again filled their heart with so much joy, as Carry shared:

“We brought Galena’s pink carrier, food, favorite treats, and towels that smelled like home. We couldn’t wait to see her again!”

When they finally reunited, happiness filled the air! Although Galena was a bit thinner and dehydrated, her spirit remained strong. She was safe and finally on the way to her loving home.

As Carrie held her dear cat in her arms, she felt so relieved, sharing:

“It was an amazing reunion! Galena instantly stopped shaking and relaxed in my arms when I got to hold her again.”

woman sitting and holding a cat
Credit: Carrie Clark & Brandy Hunter

Once they came home, Carrie shared a heartwarming update on the Utah County Lost & Found PETS’ Facebook group:

“She miraculously survived without water and food for six days! Her bloodwork was completely normal!! Despite being much skinnier she is completely unharmed! We’re in awe of all the tender mercies that have taken place. It’s a total miracle!”

She also encouraged all pet owners to microchip their furry companions and make sure they always check their Amazon boxes!

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