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Charming Cat That Kept Visiting Man’s House Mysteriously Disappeared Until Fate Intervened

Charming Cat That Kept Visiting Man’s House Mysteriously Disappeared Until Fate Intervened

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This charming stray kitty kept making visits to a man’s home, persistently meowing for attention. Initially, when the cat appeared on the doorstep, Toomey’s mother was there, and she sent him pictures of the feline. 

Unnamed and untamed, the cat, now known as Boysie, made the decision to move into the man’s house, no matter what!

From Stray To A Permanent Resident

stray cat walking
Source: The Dodo

Toomey gave the cat the name Boysie, and with each passing day, his presence grew increasingly significant to them. Boysie kept returning for a treat or two, leading them to believe he was likely a stray. Toomey explained:

“The fact that he was staying around for so long, just waiting in the garden for some food to be thrown out made us think he was probably a stray.”

Soon, Toomey discovered that Boysie wasn’t microchipped, and they had no information about his past. Whenever Toomey called his name, Boysie would appear in their yard.

cat sleeps on the chair in garden
Source: The Dodo

However, one morning, as Toomey woke up and eagerly opened the door to let Boysie in, the usual morning meow didn’t greet him at the door.

Toomey was immediately concerned, but his mom reassured him that Boysie was a stray and would find his way back. Nevertheless, Toomey remained worried and saddened at the thought of losing his furry friend. That’s when a brilliant idea struck him.

Toomey constructed a small hut just for Boysie, a safe haven in their garden. 

cat little house
Source: The Dodo

Days passed, and still no sign of Boysie. They were growing increasingly anxious until one day, they heard a sudden noise in their backyard. Toomey heard his mom say:

“That might be Boysie at the back door.”

Toomey and his family were overjoyed at the return of their beloved furry friend. Earning the trust of a stray cat is not an easy task; it requires patience and love. Just imagine Toomey’s joy when Boysie comfortably settled into his new cat house.

Boysie’s Happy Ending

cat in little house
Source: The Dodo

Toomey had wanted to adopt Boysie from the very beginning, but it wasn’t as straightforward as he initially thought. 

“Anytime that Boysie came in the house and he wasn’t eating, it was really exciting for us.”

Usually, Boysie would come in just for his meal, but when he started staying indoors even after eating, Toomey was ecstatic.

Those moments strengthened their bond. They allowed Boysie to adjust at his own pace, and soon enough, he became comfortable with indoor life. 

cat sleeping with her owner
Source: boysiethecat

Once Boysie had fully adapted to life with his chosen family, it was time to get him microchipped and officially welcome him as a permanent member of the household. Months of hard work had finally paid off. As Toomey shared:

“He’s just the sweetest, softest little boy, he’s so polite. It was like months and months of caring for this stray cat and it was kind of like, ‘Well, that’s it.’ He’s no longer a stray, he’s actually part of our family.”

For more heartwarming moments and adventures of Boysie and his chosen family, follow them on Instagram, and watch the video below.

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