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Rescuer Follows Friendly Stray To A Plastic Tub Full Of Kittens And Reveals Something Surprising

Rescuer Follows Friendly Stray To A Plastic Tub Full Of Kittens And Reveals Something Surprising

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When Christina L., a seasoned animal rescuer from Burlington, North Carolina, saw a friendly stray darting across a parking lot one day, she had no idea that the cat would lead her to the sweetest furry surprise.

Although the discovery was a dream come true for any cat lover, what Christina learned about the feline family she stumbled upon left her speechless.

The cat led Christine to another, younger cat, peacefully curled up next to a tiny, helpless kitten. 

But there was yet another surprise; just two feet away, a plastic tub cradled a mix of tiny kittens from seemingly different ages.

Christina soon realized there were two litters of kittens, and the cat she followed was actually the mother of the younger cat. Both felines had given birth two weeks apart, and their babies were placed in the makeshift shelter by a concerned individual.

According to Christine, the younger mother wasn’t feeding her babies. So Taylor, the older cat that Christine followed and named after the famous pop singer, ended up nursing both her own kittens and her grandchildren.

All that’s going through my mind right now is that Reba McEntire song, “A single mom who works two jobs, who loves her kids and never stops; with gentle hands and the heart of a fighter…” 

Taylor is indeed a survivor, don’t you agree?

Given that the area where the furry family was found was extremely unsafe for cats, Christine didn’t hesitate to reach out to Stephanie Grantham, the founder of Sparkle Cat Rescue in Burlington, North Carolina.

She asked her colleague if they could lend a helping hand with the kitten rescue, an offer Stephanie gladly accepted. She and her team went above and beyond to find loving homes for all the felines. 

Taylor and five of her kittens went to a kind foster mom, Erin Falstreau while another volunteer, Lauren, took in the younger mom and agreed to bottle-feed the rest of the kittens who survived.

Taylor quickly settled into Erin’s home, proving to be a very friendly and talkative kitty. She’s always chatting with her foster mom and never strays far from her babies. 

She adores her kittens and loves being a mom, and they clearly love her too. The moment she lies on her side, they rush over, either to latch onto her or to snuggle next to her and drift off to dreamland.

Erin named the kittens Chloe, Sami, Sophia, Marcus, and Clara, each after a song from Taylor Swift’s latest album. 

They are all thriving and becoming more independent each day. Just recently, they started eating cat food on their own. Check it out!

Thanks to the dedication of kind rescuers, none of them will ever have to endure the hardships of street life again.

I hope they all find loving forever homes soon. To keep up with their journey, be sure to follow Sparkle Cat Rescue on both Instagram and Facebook.

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