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Man Saves A Newborn Kitten From The Roof Of A Shed After Mama Cat Abandoned Him

Man Saves A Newborn Kitten From The Roof Of A Shed After Mama Cat Abandoned Him

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Whenever you tell yourself you’re a dog person the universe will find a way to prove you wrong. Trust me, I’ve been there. 

Meet Ray Vargas, an artist from California. Ray was considering himself a ‘dog person’ pretty much all his life.

However, a rainy cold night changed everything for Ray. He was in his bedroom when he heard a cry for help. Ray immediately took it upon himself to figure out where the sound was coming from.

He discovered a newborn gray kitten right on the roof of his shed. Unfortunately, mama cat was nowhere to be found… It seemed like she abandoned him. 

abandoned newborn kitten
Source: Instagram

Ray took the kitty in without a second thought, and he said:

“This little orphan did not appreciate being left out in the rain tonight…”

With no time to waste, Ray bought a tube feeder kit and some kitten formula. Getting food in his system was crucial for him to survive.

guy feeding newborn kitten
Source: Instagram

Getting completely smitten by the kitten, Ray named him Bagheera. Bagheera’s first vet visit went smoothly, as shared in Ray’s Instagram post:

“Clean bill of health from the vet yesterday (despite weighing in at less than an ounce!)…Welcome to life; not a bad 10 day start for this fighter.”

sweet gray newborn kitten
Source: Instagram

From this day forward, Ray and Bagheera never left each other’s side. He started following Ray around the house and decided his favorite spot to relax was in Ray’s arms.

kitten sleeping next to a owner
Source: Instagram

Bagheera enjoys his dad’s company almost every day. Since Ray works from home, Bagheera can lend a helping paw if needed!

guy drawing and cat laying
Source: Instagram

In conclusion, Ray is grateful he opened his bedroom window on that fateful night. In a birthday post dedicated to Bagheera, he wrote:

“I had no idea that bringing in an abandoned newborn out of the rain that night would lead this avowed dog person to own my very first pet, a cat no less. Best decision I ever made!”

funny owner with a cat
Source: Instagram

Thanks to Ray, Bagheera will only know the warmth of their home for the rest of his days. No more rainy and lonely nights for this handsome boy! 

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