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16 Photos That Prove Cats Can Be “Good Boys” Too

16 Photos That Prove Cats Can Be “Good Boys” Too

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If we’re talking about the most common pet stereotypes, dogs are usually seen as the ultimate good boys, right? 

They’re loyal, dependable, and kind of goofy in that innocent way. Cats, on the other hand, often get a bad rap. 

People paint them as these majestic but kinda judgy, self-centered, and moody pets with secret plans to take over the world.

But hey, I’m here to change your perspective! Let’s set the record straight and prove that cats are just misunderstood. Despite their quirky behaviors, they’re just as awesome as our canine friends.

So, if you thought dogs were the only ones stealing the spotlight on the internet, think again!

Check out this list of photos, and you’ll see that our feline pals have big hearts too. They just express their love and affection in their own unique way. 

1. Such A Good Boy!

“Eugene was a feral cat who lived in my garden for months. I built a shelter and slowly earn his trust. One night, it dropped to -4°c, I go out and bring him in. He resists. The next morning he’s reclutant to leave. Today, 2 months later, Eugene came to visit me in bed for the first time for cuddles.”

black and white portrait of a girl on a bed

2. Cats Form Deep Connections Too

“I lost my beautiful Maine Coon, Elise, in January. My heart is still broken, but seeing our new kitten sleeping under her portrait makes me believe all will be okay one day.”

the cat sleeps on the white chest of drawers

3. This Cat Guided The Lost Hiker To Safety

the cat is sitting on a stone rock

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4. “Cats Truly Love Each Other”

portrait of two cute cuddly cats

5. “My Wife And My Cat”

cat and woman sleep in bed

6. Some Owners Are Aware That Their Cats Are Good Boys…

“This is Grif and he is a good boy.”

portrait of a cat sitting on a dresser

7. Now, Who Told You That?!

“Somebody told me that Bengals aren’t good cats to cuddle with. Khari thinks differently.”

a tabby cat lies on a man's chest

8. “My Cat Admiring My Pregnant Wife”

a smiling girl holds a cat on her chest

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9. Only The Goodest Boys Help You Study

a cat on a woman's legs under a paper

10. This Pic Brought Tears To My Eyes

“My son has loved my cat since the day he was born. She tolerates that love in a way I never thought possible.”

a boy and a cat are sitting on the shore by the lake

11. “When You Go To Adopt A Cat But She Adopts You First!”

the cat climbs up the woman's legs

12. The Real Benefits Of A Vet’s Job

Hanging out with the goodest baby boys!

the vet lies on the tiles and cuddles with the cats

13. “He Was Purring The Entire Ride Home”

a black cat in a man's lap enjoys being petted

14. The Goodest Boy, Indeed!

“I am so grateful for my patient cats. They tolerate my daughter and taught her to gently headbutt the things she likes.”

child and cat side by side with lowered heads

15. She Just Wants To Be Petted

the cat on the sidewalk caresses the woman's hand

16. “My Brother Moved Out Yesterday And I Woke Up To This”

the cat is sitting in front of the door of the room

I’m sure you have more photos of your furry friends being good boys and girls, so don’t hesitate to share them with us in the Facebook comments below!

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