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Cat Lost During Storm Leaves His Family In Disbelief 4 Years Later

Cat Lost During Storm Leaves His Family In Disbelief 4 Years Later

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Many cats go missing during storms out of fear, and sadly, some never return home. However, this family was fortunate enough to find their beloved pet cat, although it took them four long years.

A family cat named Louie was living a happy life with his humans until he disappeared from his home during a heavy storm. 

His family searched tirelessly for him, but Louie was nowhere to be found. Determined not to give up, Louie’s owner, Joan Talbot, put dozens of posters in the streets around her home.

Despite these efforts, Louie remained missing. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, and Joan began to lose hope of ever finding her beloved cat. However, little did she know what would happen four years later. 

a cat after storm
Credit: Selina Chan

The story took a surprising turn four years later when Joan received a call from the local shelter about her 14-year-old cat Louie wandering the streets around her home.

Joan was shocked and could hardly believe that Louie had been found after such a long time. The shelter’s inspector Selina Chan explained in an interview:

“We were called to attend to a cat in the area after the caller was concerned about his health. We suspected he may have been poisoned but after being put on a drip he was drinking and eating well.”

When the rescuers discovered Louie was microchipped, they felt relieved and instantly contacted Joan to inform her about her beloved feline friend.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Joan expressed her gratitude for having Louie microchipped, saying:

“It is a fantastic example of how pets can be reunited if they are microchipped. I just can’t get over that he has been found. We didn’t know what had happened to him. He wasn’t a cat to wander. I’m just so pleased to have him home and spoiling him rotten.”

grumpy cat
Credit: Selina Chan

Joan never expected to see her beloved cat again, but their reunion was made possible thanks to the microchip.

Though they were separated for four years, it seems they were destined to be together again. 

Joan still wonders where Louie had been, how he survived, and why he couldn’t find his way home sooner, but she is relieved to have him back in safe hands.

In the end, let this heartwarming story be a reminder about the importance of microchipping. A simple microchip can make a difference between losing a pet forever and having a joyful reunion, even years later.

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