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(VIDEO) Hilarious Cat Meowsseuse Helps Owner Pamper Her Clients

(VIDEO) Hilarious Cat Meowsseuse Helps Owner Pamper Her Clients

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While most cats enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing all day and every day, some cats do hard work to earn their necessities, haha.

Here’s one example. In the video below, you can actually see a real cat masseuse helping the owner pamper her clients with a nice, relaxing massage.

I’m really curious about this beauty salon, as I’d like the same treatment too. The client is having one of the best massage treatments ever.

After seeing this video for the first time, I checked the comments below; I laughed so much I cried. Now, it’s your turn – check them out and try not to laugh!

•  Ssj_shadowzzz wrote:

“The face on the cat is saying, “I don’t get paid enough.”

• the_davidmora wrote:

“I would tip the cat.”

• rylanh_23 wrote:

“I get paid by the hour, kid, so what’ll it be? Biscuits? Or purring?”

 • __mr_bing wrote:

“I’m opening a t-shirt shop next to it.”

the cat follows the owner as she takes care of the client

I really enjoyed both the video and the comments, and I can’t decide what’s funnier. But, for those who don’t know: what’s this cat actually doing?

This behavior is called kneading or, as cat lovers like to call it, making biscuits.”

Kneading is a rhythmic motion of a cat’s front paws, with left and right paw alternating, creating a movement resembling the motion of a person actually making bread dough. That’s why this front-paw movement is called “making biscuits.”

However, it’s interesting that this cat behavior originates from kittenhood as that’s how the kittens nurse their mom and ensure the flow of her milk.

the cat sits on the client's stomach

On the other hand, some cats don’t knead often or don’t knead at all. If you’re interested in these topics and want to learn why cats knead or why they don’t, Happy Whisker’s got your back:

Why Do Cats Make Biscuits? 5 Reasons Your Cat Is Kneading!

Why Doesn’t My Cat Knead? 5 Most Likely Reasons

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