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Cat’s Excitement Over A Late-Night Walk Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Cat’s Excitement Over A Late-Night Walk Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

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Nowadays, it’s common seeing a cat on a leash or harness. However, I bet you’ve never seen a cat this excited over his late-night walkie with his human parent.

TikTok user @denzelandleo shared a video of a gorgeous Ragdoll cat named Leo, who just loves going on outdoor adventures with his human parents.

In the video below, Leo’s human mom asked him if he wanted to go on a walk, and from that moment, he just couldn’t stop meowing. His excitement over a late-night walk couldn’t be any cuter!

His owner put a harness on him, and they went out, ready to have the best family time ever. During their late-night walk, this little adventurer sniffed many different smells, annoyed a neighbor’s dog, and climbed a few trees.

Finally, when the whole family returned home, Leo got a treat for behaving so nicely during their little outdoor adventure.

Once an indoor cat gets a taste of the beauty of outdoor life, it’ll be hard to keep it indoors only. However, if you wish to have a happy and satisfied kitty, you have to make sure it’s mentally and physically stimulated.

Luckily, there are many different and safe ways of providing your cat with quality outdoor time

cat climbing

You can teach your cat to walk on a leash or a harness or even build a catio (a patio for cats), so they can enjoy different sounds and scents from nature to satisfy their natural instincts.

Quality outdoor time and keeping your cat active and stimulated is essential, especially for more energetic cat breeds. 

Besides that, outdoor activities and access to fresh air and sunlight improve their overall health. Still, you need to make sure that the surroundings are safe for your beloved pet cat.

If your cat loves going on outdoor adventures, it would be best to make its wish come true. Otherwise, you may end up with a cat like this one, who constantly begs his owner to get outside

Or, on the other hand, you might wound up with a cat that’s as happy as Leo, who spent quality time with his parents and is probably looking forward to a new adventure!

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