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Napping Is Your Cat’s Favorite Chore, I Wonder Why?

Napping Is Your Cat’s Favorite Chore, I Wonder Why?

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Let’s just face it – cats are super creatures and their superpower is napping. The only thing we can do is join them.

Did you know that there are different types of naps that help cats boost their effect? Napping on your clothes isn’t the same as napping in your cat’s favorite spot, for example. 

I always wondered why my cats sometimes hide away in the closet, or when they leave their hairs all over my jacket… Well, I’ve found an explanation for all our cats’ napping spots and why they’re so important. 

1. Napping On Our Owner’s Clothes Is The Best

two grey tabby kittens napping
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I believe that every cat owner has faced this “problem” at least once. You lay out your clothes for the day ahead, all ironed and clean, and poof, your cat comes and curls up nicely on top of it.

Well, after some time you just get used to wearing your cat’s fur as an accessory, lol. The first thing you think of is that your cat just loves ruining your nice, clean, hair-free outfit, but actually this is one way that cats mark their property.

We are our cats’ property and they need to establish that for the outside world. Your cat loves your smell, and it wants to mark you with its smell, just in case there’s a cat at your office, so it knows you’re taken. 

You’ll go about your business with your cat in mind and on your clothes, and your cat will have its great nap and retain its dominance over you. 

2. Nap And Lap Rhyme For A Reason

domestic gray cat napping in owner's lap

Every cat lover adores cuddling and snuggling with a cat; is there a better feeling in this world than when a cat naps in your lap? I know I enjoy it every time my cat jumps up to my lap, it’s like a non-electric heater, lol. 

Every cat knows that a lap is pure heaven for an awesome nap. Also, I believe that every cat owner thinks the same when it comes to our naps. A cat napping on our lap is simply a win-win situation. 

cute small kitten sleeping on owner's lap

When a cat takes a nap in your lap, it soothes you. I always kind of melt and take a nap myself, and those are the best kind of naps! 

3. Every Cat Has To Have A Hidden Napping Spot

cute kitten hiding under a blanket
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Sometimes cats nap in the open, spread out across the couch. Sometimes, they tend to hide away and make it really hard for us to find them. 

My cat Freddie tends to do this, he curls up so deep in the closet that even if I look inside it’s hard to spot him. 

However, after a few months, I’ve learned that that’s his spot. All cats sometimes do this. They like to hide and take a good old nap without any annoyance. 

4. Ooh, A Sunny Spot To Warm My Heart

kitten enjoying a nap in the sun

I’ve seen funny memes of cats charging their batteries in the sun, lol. But yes, it does sometimes appear that way, since all cats tend to chill and relax in the sun. 

I can totally understand them. Laying in the sun is nice and warm, and whenever I’m warm and relaxed I feel like napping, so who can blame cats for feeling the same?

Sometimes they’ll take a 5-minute nap, and sometimes it goes on for hours, lasting all day until the sun sets. 

5. Stealing My Human’s Chair Is The Best!

cat resting on a chair

Every cat does this! No matter if I was just sitting in a chair or if I was just about to sit in one, my cats are all over it. I don’t know if they sense that I was about to sit in that particular chair or they just happen to want the same one, but it always happens. 

Cats simply love to take a good old nap in our chairs. Stealing a chair from under their human is the best feeling ever! Lol. Then we have to move away, take a second chair, or do whatever, but our cats know we won’t bother them. 

Sneaky little rascals!

cute cuddly cat having a nap

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