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25 Cat Photos To Spread The Valentine’s Day Spirit

25 Cat Photos To Spread The Valentine’s Day Spirit

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and guess what that means? It’s time to spread some love, and I’ve got a perfect way to do it!

You see, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to revolve solely around romantic love between couples. It can also be a day to celebrate friendships, families, our dear and beloved ones, and, of course, let’s not forget about our cats!

Cats have a remarkable way of demonstrating their love and affection towards us and other furry companions.

So, to lift your spirits and spread some love worldwide, here are some delightful cat photos that will undoubtedly make you go “awwww!”

1. Meowtflix And Chill

two cats watching show on a laptop
Source: anyagrapes

Is there a better way to spend some time with your favorite person than making yourself comfortable, by watching your favorite movie? I don’t think so, and if these two brother cats can do it, why can’t we?

2. Cuddled In The Shape Of A Heart

three cats cuddling in a shape of heart
Source: Imgur

I’m not sure how these three felines managed to cuddle next to each other in the shape of a heart, but they’re slaying it!

3. Sometimes Love Hurts…

cat sneaking around
Source: boredpanda

Love can truly hurt sometimes, but still, some are ready to do anything for love!

4. Ummm, Can You Knock Please?

fat cat laying on a black cat
Source: Imgur

I’m sure it’s not what it looks like, but we’ll leave that to their owner to decide, lol.

5. Dinner For Two As A Purrfect Valentine’s Date

two cats on a dinner
Source: Imgur

6. Just A Furry Couple Posing For A Photo

two cats sitting on a chair
Source: Imgur

“My friend was cat-sitting this guy, and he really hit it off with her cat.”

7. Romeow And Juliet

These kitties have a more interesting love life than me, haha.

8. Kiss Kiss!

two cats kissing
Source: Flickr

9. Proud Pawrents

Two cats and two kittens
Source: Jim Green

It’s amazing how both parents have their own mini versions. I’m melting!

10. “My Cat Loves My Girlfriend’s Cat.”

two cats laying hugged
Source: Reddit

A couple who fell in love, introduced their cats to each other, and guess what happened? They fell in love too! How adorable is that? 

Now, they can’t break up even though I bet these kitties have a better love life than them, haha.

11. A Purrfect Family Portrait

cat family in a box
Source: Reddit

The cat be like: “Look honey, we made these!”

12. Love Box

cat hugging in a box
Source: Reddit

13. Cuteness Overload

These two hugging each other in their sleep are ameowzing!

14. Brother’s Love

two black and white cats hugging
Source: Imgur

Saastamoinen says: “My two 10-year-old cats are brothers and love each other more than anything.”

15. Another Furry Love Box

Cats be like: “Look hooman! We both fit this amazing bed!”

16. Ginger Heart

two ginger cats
Source: Bjorn Alicke

These two ginger furballs managed to steal attention by cuddling next to each other in the shape of a heart. How adorable they are!

17. Love is In The Nest!

one cat hugging other cat
Source: Karin Dillner

18. Meet Meow Around The Corner

two white cats kissing
Source: wzfu

The male cat be like: “Can I give you a kiss, meowdmoselle?”

19. Sister’s Love

20. The Kiss (Cat Edition)

Looks like Gustav Climt’s The Kiss got a cat version. Which one do you like the most?

21. A Goodbye Kiss

This photo reminds me of the movie scene from The Notebook, and it makes me cry.

22. To Be Or Not To Be?

cat kissing statue
Source: Erika Tenconi

The cat’s like: “If I give this statue a kiss, maybe he’ll turn into a prince!”

23. Endless Love

24. Romeow And Juliet But Hairless Version

25. Lovely Couple

two cats tails in shape of heart
Source: Ana Barros

A purrfect timing for a photo!

You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship or married to enjoy Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to open your heart and express love to all your cherished ones, including your furry friends.

As for me and my six kitties, we have some wonderful plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and I’m truly looking forward to it!

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