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Missing Cat Finds His Owner After 12 Years And Their Reunion Will Melt Your Heart

Missing Cat Finds His Owner After 12 Years And Their Reunion Will Melt Your Heart

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A young man experienced a true miracle when his missing cat Artie was finally found after twelve years. Thanks to a microchip, Artie was located seven miles away from home, leading to a joyous reunion. Let’s hear their incredible story!

Seventeen-year-old Theo-Will McKenna had a furry friend named Artie, a black and white cat who was his best buddy. However, one sorrowful day, Artie vanished without a trace, leaving his owner heartbroken.

McKenna searched every nook and cranny, hoping to find his beloved Artie. However, days turned into years, and Artie never returned. McKenna recounted these sad moments in an interview:

“After six months, I reached the point where I thought that either something had happened to him or someone else had taken him in.”

cat sitting on the floor
Credit: Theo-Will McKenna

Twelve years after Artie’s disappearance, something magical happened.

A family found a grey and white cat lingering in their backyard. Thinking he might need help, they took him to a local vet.

After a thorough medical examination, the vet carefully scanned the cat for any identifying marks and found a microchip under his skin. The microchip held the key to his true identity. And Guess what? It led straight to McKenna’s family!

However, the contact details registered with the microchip were outdated, leaving the family unreachable. The search shifted to Facebook, where the post about the found cat quickly gained traction.

cat looks at camera
Credit: Theo-Will McKenna

Soon after, McKenna heard about it from a friend and his heart skipped a beat – could this really be Artie? 

When he finally saw this kitty, McKenna hesitated for a moment. The cat appeared so different from the one he remembered. It was hard to believe that this frail creature could be his once-vibrant friend, as McKenna explained:

“It took me a second to recognize him because he looked so bedraggled and skinny. It didn’t feel real. I thought there was no way it could be him.”

As McKenna got closer and looked into the cat’s eyes, something stirred inside him. It was as if a little voice said, “Hey, it’s me, Artie.

cat in her bed
Credit: Theo-Will McKenna

The microchip proved without a doubt that this was indeed Artie. Sure, he wasn’t looking his best but he was finally back to where he belonged.

McKenna reached out his hand and Artie nuzzled against it. In that moment, nothing else mattered – they were together again, just like in old times. McKenna shared:

“It had been 12 years – he went missing when I was 17. I thought no cat could survive 12 years on the street.”

a man holds his cat
Credit: Theo-Will McKenna

Artie required a lot of medical care as years on the streets had taken a toll on his health. However, his owner wasn’t about to give up on him.

Determined to do whatever it took to see his beloved friend thrive again, McKenna started a fundraiser to cover Artie’s medical expenses, rallying friends and neighbors to support his cause and help Artie spend his golden years healthy and happy.

Now, McKenna and Artie enjoy their days together, their bond stronger than ever. Artie has another furry friend in their home and cherishes every moment of his newfound companionship, as McKenna shared:

“He’s purring up a storm every time I go near him.”

man reunited with his cat
Credit: Theo-Will McKenna

Artie’s heartwarming reunion with his owner highlights the importance of microchipping our pets. This tiny device can work wonders, ensuring they find their way home if they ever get lost.

So let’s remember to chip our pets because this small act of love can bring immense happiness to our families.

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