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Couple Goes Frantic As Their Beloved Cat Got Stuck On A Tree For 2 Days Unable To Climb Down

Couple Goes Frantic As Their Beloved Cat Got Stuck On A Tree For 2 Days Unable To Climb Down

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Canopy Cat Rescue is an amazing nonprofit organization based in the state of Washington.

I guess just by their name you can figure out what their purpose is – rescuing cats stuck in the most unimaginable places.

As cat parents we know just how curious our feline friends are, so Shaun and Tom from Canopy Cat Rescue always have their hands full.

cat on tree
Credit: Facebook

Recently, they’ve been called by a worried cat mom and her beloved cat named Picasso. 

Picasso, an adventurous tabby cat enjoyed exploring the outdoors since he was a kitten and he never found himself in a dangerous situation.

saving cat on tree
Credit: Facebook

That’s until the poor boy got stuck so high up in a tree he couldn’t get down by himself. He was meowing so loud that his parents heard him while they were out in their backyard. 

Not being able to bring him down by themselves, his owners called Shaun and Tom to the rescue.

Equipped with ropes, helmets, and climbing gear the rescue team came ready to bring poor Picasso down. 

cat stuck on tree
Credit: Facebook

Shaun started climbing up while talking to Picasso in a soothing voice, hoping it would calm him down. As he said in a video:

“He hadn’t moved from that spot, and his poor little legs must have just been getting tired, because his back leg was shaking.”

Picasso managed to climb 50 feet up, but even a brave cat like him can get scared. For 48 hours he stayed in the same spot, afraid to make a move.

As Shaun approached him, he made sure to stay calm and not scare poor Picasso even more.

man rescuing cat on the tree
Credit: Facebook

Luckily, the sweet tabby fluff waited patiently, almost as if he knew Shaun was there to help him. 

His kind rescuer gently picked him up and after some long-awaited cuddles, Picasso was on his way down. As Shaun shared:

“I could tell he was so happy to be in my arms.”

a black bag
Credit: Facebook

Shaun placed him in a bag and the two were on safe grounds in no time. Picasso’s parents were showering him with kisses, happy their sweet boy got down without injuries.

Thanks to Canopy Cat Rescue, Picasso was now safe and sound. 

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