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Owner Shocked After His Cat Comes Home With A “Receipt” Around His Neck

Owner Shocked After His Cat Comes Home With A “Receipt” Around His Neck

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I always wondered where cats disappear when you let them out and what their adventures look like… Well, when I learned about this tabby cat’s adventures I finally figured out that they definitely know how to enjoy themselves!

When this handsome cat goes on an adventure, he apparently goes for a delicious meal and brings their owners a receipt around his neck.

This male tabby cat lives with his owners, but from time to time, he decides to go on a short – but fruitful – adventure.

However, one time when we went out, he disappeared for three whole days, and no one knew where he went. Luckily, this proud boy came home very happy, and behaving as though he had only been away for several minutes.

photo of a cat that goes on adventures
Photo from: changpuaksiam

His owners couldn’t immediately figure out why he looked so satisfied nor where he had been for three days. But, soon after that, they noticed a little note hanging around the cat’s neck. The note, translated into English, went something like this:

“Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall, so I gave him three.”

What’s even better is that the vendor also wrote his phone number on the note so that the cat’s owners could contact him and pay the cat’s debts.

sign on adventurous cat's collar
Photo from: changpuaksiam

Apparently, this smart boy was having the time of his life, treating himself to some expensive fish that he couldn’t pay for. Little did he know that the vendor would give him a receipt! 

Still, I don’t think that bothered him much considering how happy he came home, knowing that he’s not the one who would be paying for it.

adventurous cat photographed on the street
Photo from: changpuaksiam

Finally, the owners’ reaction was surprising! They were actually amused by the whole situation. They shared their story on Facebook, along with cat’s pictures and wrote:

“Gone 3 days, back with debts 😂”

I’m sure that the cat will keep bringing the bills of delicious meals to his owners, knowing that it went smoothly the first time. I’m just not sure that the owners will be amused the next time the cat does it, haha!

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