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Senior Shelter Cat Overlooked By Many Finds Her Perfect Match In Woman Who Sees Her True Worth

Senior Shelter Cat Overlooked By Many Finds Her Perfect Match In Woman Who Sees Her True Worth

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Beanie, the adorable tabby star of today’s story, was cherished by her owner for over 14 years. 

She enjoyed a loving home and a devoted human companion, living her best feline life until an unexpected tragedy turned her world upside down. 

Sadly, her owner passed away, leaving Beanie in the care of family members who were unable to look after her. Consequently, they surrendered Beanie to the Seattle Humane Society hoping she would soon find a new home.

Beanie spent days in the shelter, her hopes rising whenever someone walked through the door, only to be dashed as they passed by her cage. 

Overlooked repeatedly by potential adopters, most of whom were seeking kittens rather than a senior cat, her sadness deepened – as if losing her beloved owner wasn’t enough.

Eventually, Beanie resigned herself to her loneliness, retreating to a corner of her cage, her head bowed, as she awaited an end to her solitude.

But then, one day, a kind woman named Nozomi Momo visited the shelter, seeking a feline companion just like Beanie.

Nozomi, a former volunteer at the Seattle Humane Society, had a special place in her heart for senior cats, knowing well the challenges they faced in finding homes. 

When she learned about Beanie, she was immediately interested.

The first time she saw Beanie, the cat was curled up in her corner, visibly stressed and skinny from not eating. Nozomi recounted their first meeting in an interview:

“She was definitely very stressed. She wasn’t eating, unfortunately, so she lost a lot of weight. But she was just so sweet. She was kinda meowing a little bit, and we started petting her, and then she showed us her belly.”

We all know what it means when cats show their bellies, right? At that very moment, although shy and careful, Beanie allowed herself to believe she had finally found someone who would love her like her late owner.

When Nozomi brought Beanie home, she knew she had to give her the time and space needed to adjust to her new environment. 

Initially very shy and skittish, Beanie took refuge in Nozomi’s closet, nestling in her sock drawer. 

However, over the weeks, she gradually began to open up, revealing her friendly and affectionate nature.

Eventually, Beanie completely let her guard down. She started cuddling and playing with Nozomi, following her around the house, and even chatting with her. 

From a shy and depressed kitty, Beanie transformed into a chatty, fluffy companion – returning to the sweet kitty she once was.

The thing Nozomi admires most about Beanie’s personality is how mature she really is. Despite her age, Beanie has strong boundaries yet communicates them gently. 

She is kind and friendly, tolerates being picked up and held, and cooperates during grooming sessions. 

Although a senior, Beanie still manages to surprise Nozomi with her kitten-like mischiefs. Her owner shared: 

“She’ll struggle to even get up on the couch sometimes, but she’ll magically get up on the kitchen counter. She’s the oldest baby!”

For Nozomi, adopting Beanie was mutually beneficial – as is often the case with pet adoption. 

Beanie has proven to be a tremendous source of emotional support, especially during Nozomi’s therapy sessions for CPTSD. Recounting one particularly challenging session, Nozomi shared:

“One session was particularly hard, and she like stayed in my lap for like half hour, which with her joints… I don’t think it feels good to stay in one position for that long (…). But she just stayed in my lap for a whole half hour, while I was having some of the hardest work I had to do. And yeah, my therapist was like, ‘Wow, that was some of the best work you’ve done.’ And she was like, ‘It’s definitely your cat!’”

Beanie is deeply cherished in her forever home – which brings me immense joy. 

If you want to see more of this adorable senior cat, check out her Instagram profile managed by her awesome mom, Nozomi. Give Beanie a follow and show her some love. She truly deserves it! 

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