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Timid Kitten Saved By Kind People After Getting A Plastic Coffee Cap Stuck Around Her Neck

Timid Kitten Saved By Kind People After Getting A Plastic Coffee Cap Stuck Around Her Neck

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Kim, from Hamden, Connecticut, was in for a surprise when she discovered her new cat friend in a very unique way. 

It all started when Kim’s landlord happened to come across something while walking down the street.

As she got closer, she noticed a small black kitten, as tiny as a ball of yarn, struggling with a strange problem – a plastic coffee dome cap was stuck around her neck.

This cap, which is often found on iced coffees, was getting tighter as the kitten grew, causing her to suffocate and feel upset.

Kim’s landlord knew the kitten needed immediate help, and promptly came to the rescue of the poor thing.

However, catching the scared little cat was no easy task. She was frightened and struggling to get the cap off of her. It required a team effort, lots of time, and a big blanket to finally free her.

black cat lying under a cover
Credit: Kim From Hamden, CT

After rescuing the kitten, they decided it was a smart move to take her for a check-up. A visit to the vet confirmed what they already suspected: Mira, as they called her, was a healthy and resilient little fighter.

However, she was not too happy about being in quarantine for a week, so she made her point by playfully (or maybe not so playfully) nipping one of the vets!

In the meantime, Kim’s mother-in-law was feeling sad about losing her cat and was prepared to welcome a new furry companion into her life. 

The timing couldn’t have been better! Mira, with her lively personality and desire for a caring home, was the ideal fit. 

Fast forward three years, Mira has adjusted wonderfully, changing from a feisty kitten into the unquestioned ruler of the family. 

She enjoys staying inside and doesn’t want to go out, and has managed to “train” all of them! She knows exactly how to get treats from each one – she’s a clever little cat!

Also, there are a few more things you should know about Mira: She is the ultimate puppet master (in the most adorable way possible!). 

Every member of the family plays a specific role in her kingdom. Kim’s mother-in-law is in charge of grooming, making sure Mira’s fur is always looking fabulous. 

Her husband is the fun buddy, always up for a game of tag or playing with a feather toy. And as for Kim? Kim is the cuddle expert, the only one allowed to pick Mira up (after asking politely, of course). 

Mira’s personality matches her size – big and bold. Kim lovingly calls her a chatty cat who loves to have conversations (even if they’re just meows and chirps). 

Whether she’s nudging for a treat or avoiding a cuddle, Mira knows how to get her point across in the most charming way.

Well, I gotta say, Mira is just so cute! I just love her and her feisty personality! I bet every day with her is an adventure.

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