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Stray Cat With A Unique Trait Finds A Loving Home After Years Of Roaming On The Streets

Stray Cat With A Unique Trait Finds A Loving Home After Years Of Roaming On The Streets

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Do you know how many cats are homeless and sick, struggling to stay alive on the streets? Well, this is a story about one such cat named Felix, and the man whose kindness made a difference in his life. 

One afternoon, a man walking up his driveway heard a faint meow. There, in his yard, was a frail cat, clearly in a bad condition. Little did he know, this unexpected meeting would be the start of a lifelong friendship.

orange cat laying outside
Source: YouTube

The man realized he needed to do something, so he acted quickly. He picked up the cat and brought him to his porch, giving him food and water. 

However, he understood the cat required more than just a meal. He checked for any injuries and ensured the cat had lots of water to stay hydrated. 

The cat was in bad shape, with wounds all over his body and dirty fur. The man attempted to clean him, but the injuries were too serious. It was obvious – getting professional help was important. 

bathing stray cat
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The following day, the vet confirmed that the cat was suffering from dehydration and many infections. 

Luckily, he was expected to fully recover with the right care. The man chose to take care of the cat temporarily, giving him the name Felix, and making sure he got all the required medicine and care.

The vet gave some instructions on how to take care of Felix at home, such as giving him medicine and keeping his wounds clean. 

woman petting stray cat
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However, because Felix had multiple infections, he posed a risk to the man’s other cats. Therefore, the vet suggested that the man keep Felix outside for a while until he fully recovered.

In the following weeks, Felix started to get stronger. His weak meows transformed into happy purrs as he got healthier. 

The man was becoming very fond of the cat and couldn’t imagine leaving him behind. Felix, in return, showed his appreciation by softly purring whenever they spent time together. 

It was clear that this was more than just about getting well – a special friendship was growing. But, even though he was getting better, the man noticed something unusual about Felix. 

cat at surgery
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He was worried about the cat’s strange-looking paws and believed they were hurt. However, when the vet examined him, he found out that Felix was actually polydactyl, which means he had extra toes. 

The vet did a thorough check-up, treated Felix’s injuries, and made sure he was on the right track to recover. 

Felix’s polydactyl paws were a fascinating surprise and only added to his special charm. Despite the initial worry, the vet confirmed that Felix’s extra toes were completely normal and not something to be concerned about.

cat after surgery
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Back at home, the man kept taking care of Felix on the porch. He made sure he had a safe and comfy place to stay, away from the other cats until he was completely healthy. 

Felix loved the attention and soon became really close to his rescuer. The other cats, luckily, weren’t jealous and they were excited a new friend might be joining their family soon.

sad cat
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After the vet gave the green light that Felix was no longer a threat to the other cats, the man slowly let him join the family. 

Felix suddenly became so lively, bouncing around, sprinting through the house, and simply enjoying himself as if he was free, despite being indoors.

Yet, his special polydactyl paws immediately captivated the family. They found it fascinating and adorable. 

guy and cat taking selfie
Source: YouTube

When it came to a happy ending, Felix was warmly welcomed by the other cats. They accepted him with open paws and he quickly became a part of their group. He loved his new home and cherished the love and friendship he found there.

I’m really happy that Felix got a happy ending. It makes me feel warm inside to know that he’s safe and loved. He doesn’t have to struggle anymore on the streets because he’s found his forever home, and that’s definitely something to celebrate.

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