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19 Photos Of Cats Crashing Zoom Meetings

19 Photos Of Cats Crashing Zoom Meetings

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Every cat parent knows cats are real attention seekers, so working around them isn’t always easy!

To prove that, here are 19 hilarious photos of cats crushing online meetings, shared by their parents to show their struggle. Check them out, and let’s give them some support!

#1 When the meeting is so boring that you fall asleep… 

adorable cat sleeping on a laptop
Credit: Julie Steen

#2 Me: I have a Zoom meeting later

My cat: Ohh, me too!

cute black and white cat crashing a meeting
Credit: Twitter

#3 Chubbers learned that the leadership cut the budget for litter

hilarous cat crashing a zoom call
Credit: Twitter

#4 Making sure everyone’s present at the meeting… 

adorable cat listening to a zoom call
Credit: Zane Taurina

#5 “My Roland either stands right in front of the computer or…

funny photo of a cat standing in front of a laptop
Credit: Jennifer Reyes

#6 … tries to eat it!”

funny photo of a cat biting a laptop
Credit: Jennifer Reyes

#7 Rocky: shoulder-mounted Zoom cat 

photo of a cat named Rocky standing on owner's shoulder during a zoom call
Credit: Twitter

#8 “Instead of getting in front, mine would hang out behind the screen and be silly.”

adorable tabby cat peeking behind a laptop during a zoom call
Credit: Tascha Broden

#9 “We were testing out Zoom last night and holding our cat, something spooked her, and this screenshot happened.”

funny photo of a cat jumping during a zoom call
Credit: Twitter

#10 “Scout helps me teach every single class, and she never misses a meeting.”

adorable cat named Scout participates in Zoom calls
Credit: Holly Sue

#11 What do you mean you have more important business to do?

funny photo of a grumpy black cat standing next to a laptop during a zoom meeting
Credit: Lesley-Jill Bosten Jansen

#12 When you let your cat in your home office…

funny photo of a cat jumping on a laptop
Credit: Christine Johnson

 #13 Forget about sick leave – I have meetings to attend!

funny photo of a cat wearing a cone and looking at a laptop
Credit: Janice Fletcher

#14 You’re late for the meeting!

funny photo of an orange cat standing on a laptop with a grumpy expression
Credit: Julie Steen

#15 My meeting is now our meeting!

cute white cat interrupting her owner's zoom meetin
Credit: Arabela IV

#16 Does anyone have any questions for Sterling?

a cat named Sterling interrupting a meeting
Credit: Cheryl Causey

#17 Looks like Miles has a lot of work to do…

adorable photo of a cat 'typing' on a laptop
Credit: Terri Neuhaus

 #18 Came to a Zoom meeting and noticed a new meowmeber of the team…

funny photo of a cat interrupting a zoom meeting
Credit: Jessica Anderson

  #19 “Came back from the kitchen to find this.”

funny photo of a cat looking at a laptop attentively
Credit: Maye Nunag

Now that you’ve seen the real struggle of many cat parents, I have a question for you! Are your cats attention queens, and do they interrupt your online meetings too? 

I’ll go first; half of my cats are independent, while the other half isn’t, especially Tom. He always has to know what I’m doing and invites himself to join me every time. I love them anyway!

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