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Study Finds Every Cat Falls Into 1 Out Of 5 Personality Types

Study Finds Every Cat Falls Into 1 Out Of 5 Personality Types

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Let’s have a closer look into the fascinating research on feline personalities. Every cat is full of quirks and habits that make it special. 

Just like people, cats have different personalities and Dr. Lauren Finka, a researcher from the University of Lincoln, has undertaken a study that unveils five distinct personality types in cats.

Dr. Finka’s research has revealed that a cat’s personality is strongly influenced by genetics, development, and the nurturing it receives. 

However, what piqued my interest, beyond these five primary personality categories, is the intriguing correlation between our own personalities and our cat’s behavior. In an interview with Companion Animal Psychology, Dr. Finka elaborated:

“The main findings were that when owners scored higher for neuroticism, their cats were more likely to score highly for a range of stress-linked behaviors, such as cystitis, vomiting, diarrhea, and coat condition. They were also more likely to be overweight, they were more likely to behave in an aggressive way or be more fearful, and they were also more likely to be kept strictly indoors than let outside.”

While there are always unique variations among cats, it appears that most feline companions fit into one of these five personality types. Let’s check them out!

1. The Human (Or The Companion) Cat

woman holding and petting a ginger cat

These cats are basically like your shadow. They love hanging out with you, getting cuddles, and being close. 

If your cat follows you everywhere, congrats! You’ve got yourself a Human Cat. Keep them happy with fun toys and activities you can do together.

2. The Predator, Aka The Hunter Cat

cat and mice

These felines live for the thrill of the hunt. They might bring you “presents” from their outdoor adventures. 

To keep them happy, give them toys that mimic prey and, if you can, provide them with a safe outdoor space to explore.

3. The Most Socialized Of All

two domestic cats sleeping together

Meet the Cats’ Cats, the social butterflies of the feline world. They relish the company of fellow cats, enjoying cuddles and playtime with their feline friends. 

Encourage their social interactions with activities like tree climbing or group playtime with toys.

4. The Independent, Or The Cantankerous, Cat

cat standing on a wall

These cats march to their own beat and can occasionally come across as grumpy. 

Nevertheless, once you earn their trust, they are remarkably loyal and affectionate. Offer them toys and solo play opportunities, but don’t forget to show them love too.

5. The Curious Explorer

confused ginger cat

Last but certainly not least, we have the Inquisitive Cat. These felines are insatiably curious and eagerly explore everything.

They’ll thoroughly inspect any bag or box you bring into the house! Keep them engaged with new toys and puzzles to stimulate their clever minds.

cat with bell

So, while each cat possesses a unique blend of traits, these categories provide valuable insights into their behavior. Which personality type does your cat fall into? If perhaps you’re not sure of the answer, learn how you can discover your cat’s purr-sonality just by looking at their paws.

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