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Cat Moves The Security Camera To Expose The Dog Chewing On The Remote (VIDEO)

Cat Moves The Security Camera To Expose The Dog Chewing On The Remote (VIDEO)

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Who says that dogs are smarter than cats? If you think so, I’m sure you’ll change your mind after watching this hilarious video.

In this video, you can see a security camera set in a room. The cat is the star of the show, as it cleverly puts its paw on the camera and directs it toward the dog. 

Meanwhile, the dog is casually lying on the couch and chewing the TV remote. Check it out, it’s hilarious, hahaha!

The cat basically moved the camera to expose the dog’s mischievous act of chewing the TV remote.

It was quite amusing because I initially expected the cat to simply slap the camera and knock it down on the floor, as that’s what they usually do when things start getting in their way…

However, it was even more hilarious to see the cat moving the camera and patiently waiting to capture the dog’s naughty behavior. 

cat in the dark (2)

The oblivious dog continued to enjoy chewing the remote, unaware of being caught in the act.

Once their owner saw the video, it was finally obvious who was guilty and who wasn’t. They shared the video to entertain people and make them laugh, but also to show that cats aren’t always to blame. Sometimes, you just have to trust them.

dog and cat with security camera

Even the comments below the video are hilarious! Here are a few that caught my attention: 

@lburg3780 wrote:

“So the humans know who to get rid of.”

@amberwatkins164 wrote:

“This poor cat is TIRED of getting in trouble for the shit the dog does lol 😂”

@spaghetti_manman9439 wrote: 

“That’s a crazy level of hating.”

If you ask me, I think that the cat deserves an Oscar for directing this epic drama, lol!

cat moving camera

Do you have more pets in your household? If the answer is yes, how do they get along? 

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