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This Woman Took Amazing Photos Of Her Cats Getting Festive With Christmas Decorations 

This Woman Took Amazing Photos Of Her Cats Getting Festive With Christmas Decorations 

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It’s no secret that Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year” for most people. The sheer delight brought by Christmas lights, decorated homes, and freshly baked cookies year-round is definitely unmatched. 

However, it’s not just humans who revel in the holiday spirit – our furry companions get in on the fun, too!

My cats absolutely adore Christmas! Every December, when I retrieve all the decorations from the attic, they completely lose their minds. 

They’re not exactly experts when it comes to untangling Christmas lights, but they sure know how to scatter ornaments all around the house.

Speaking of the feline holiday frenzy, there’s a fellow cat mom I’d love you to meet through her incredible work we’re featuring today. 

Alexa, a talented photographer and cat enthusiast from San Diego, California, shared a couple of truly astounding photos.

portrait of a cat looking at lamps
Source: Alexa M

She captured her cats, Peeta and Daisy, experiencing Christmas decorations as if they were seeing them for the very first time. 

As Alexa put it:

“You’d think they’ve never seen any of this stuff before, even though it’s the exact same setup every year. But that’s a cat for ya!”

Yup, that’s typical feline behavior! Now, let’s take a look at Alexa’s work. We’ll start with Peeta, the adorable orange tabby with what Alexa humorously called “funny ears.” 

the yellow cat sniffs the Christmas tree
Source: Alexa M

It’s obvious that Peeta couldn’t get enough of his momma’s decor. He wholeheartedly approved of her decorating skills!

portrait of a beautiful cat among pine cones and a fir tree
Source: Alexa M

In fact, he even staked his claim on some of the decor – like one of the six faux pine cones, which he later buried in his litter box. Such a silly boy!

portrait of a cat sitting and looking intently at the camera
Source: Alexa M

His sister Daisy, a lovely domestic shorthair fluff, was equally amazed by everything! However, unlike her brother, she was more attracted to shiny things, like colorful string lights and bedazzled ornaments.

As Alexa jokingly said:

“She’s not very bright, so she’s trying to absorb some of that from the lights.”

Well, Daisy may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but she’s undeniably gorgeous, and her modeling skills are top-notch! 

portrait of a cat among lighted lamps
Source: Alexa M

In the next photo, we see Daisy showing a great interest in this faux bedazzled poinsettia plant. 

If you plan to recreate this photo with your kitty and a real poinsettia, bear in mind that this plant is among those every cat parent should avoid. So, exercise caution during your photo session.

the cat sniffs the red berries
Source: Alexa M

Alexa also established herself as a master of Photoshop, especially when it came to Peeta’s photos. Thanks to her impressive skills, she managed to make it look like snow was falling in her living room. 

a cat's look up while lying on a Christmas tree
Source: Alexa M

She even turned Peeta into an angel he truly is. Just look at him!

portrait of a cat with angel wings
Source: Alexa M

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed these photos. They’ve inspired me to take similar photos with my own fluffs, even if mine won’t be as expertly executed as Alexa’s. 

But more importantly, they’ve gotten me right into the holiday spirit. ‘This the season to be jolly, my friends. 

I hope you also enjoyed these photos. Please feel free to leave your thoughts below, and if you have similar pics in your collection, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Happy Holidays! 

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