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Lost Cat’s Remarkable 32-Mile Journey Ends In Heartwarming Family Reunion

Lost Cat’s Remarkable 32-Mile Journey Ends In Heartwarming Family Reunion

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Everyone knows cats are experts at finding cozy napping spots, right? 

Well, meet Mittens, the beloved feline of the Flitton family, who embarked on an unexpected four-month adventure covering a whopping 32 miles through the Utah mountains. 

Talk about one indecisive kitty, am I right?

But thanks to a microchip and a kind-hearted stranger, this remarkable cat is now safely back where he belongs.

close view of black cat
Source: YouTube

It all started when Brandon Flitton hauled his boat 35 miles from their Mountain Green home to Salt Lake City for some repairs. Little did he know, Mittens had sneakily stowed away and nestled under the boat cover. 

When the repairman uncovered the boat, Mittens got spooked and dashed into unfamiliar territory. With Mittens nowhere to be found, the Flitton family was devastated, especially their 14-year-old daughter, Allison.

happy woman holding a black cat
Source: YouTube

Despite Mittens being microchipped, finding him became a challenging mission. They scoured the area, posted flyers, and called out his name, hoping for a response. 

As weeks turned into months, hope began to fade. Allison, who named Mittens for his distinctive white paws, feared she’d never see her beloved cat again.

two suprised girls
Source: YouTube

But fate had other plans. Four months later, Alice Puleo, a woman living 32 miles away from Mittens’ home, stumbled upon him, slightly injured, thin, and hungry. 

Alice brought poor Mittens to the Park City Animal Clinic, where the vet discovered his worn-out paws and realized this determined kitty had been on an epic mission. 

A microchip scan confirmed Mittens’ identity, and the Flitton family received the call they’d been anxiously awaiting. The vet concluded that Mittens was simply trying to get back home.

three women and black cat
Source: YouTube

When the Flittons got the long-awaited call, Cindy surprised Allison with a trip to the vet’s office, where the emotional reunion unfolded. 

Now, life at the Flitton house is back to normal. Mittens is finally back home, where he can nap and rest his tired paws. He is happily enjoying his life of yummy treats and cozy naps.

woman petting black cat
Source: YouTube

The family won’t forget the incredible journey Mittens undertook just to be back home, with them. Can you imagine? A cat traveling such a long distance just to reunite with his family. That’s how strong a bond cats and humans can have.

Watch the video of their touching reunion below:

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