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Info And Facts About Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

Info And Facts About Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

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Siamese cats are very popular, and definitely one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. As a result, cat lovers can find Siamese kittens almost anywhere.

When getting a Siamese cat or a kitten, you have to decide what color you want your Siamese to be.

With that being said, there are a lot of color types of Siamese cats. So, among these different color types, we have seal point Siamese, blue point Siamese, chocolate point Siamese, lynx point Siamese, flame point Siamese, and lilac point Siamese cats.

Moreover, there are other color and pattern combinations which are just not officially accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). These combinations include the tortie point, regular, and tabby. In this article we are going to focus on one of the most stunning Siamese varieties – the gorgeous Chocolate point Siamese cats.

This beautiful chocolate point color type is actually a very rare genetic variation of the seal point Siamese cat, which is why people cannot tell them apart.

Chocolate points are very beautiful. They have ivory-white coats with light brown markings on the face, paws, ears, and tail. As far as their personality and behavior are concerned, they’re just like other Siamese cats in other colors! Color doesn’t determine a cat’s personality, just its appearance.

So, if you want a lovely choccie for yourself, then read on and find out everything you need to know about these cats, including how much you need to spend to make one of these rare beauties your own!

The Chocolate Point Siamese Cat Appearance

Siamese point cat, with blue eyes, lying on the couch

The Siamese cat is one of the most popular and most beautiful cat breeds in the world. One of the reasons why they’re so popular is because they may appear in different color combinations. Just like that, a chocolate point is definitely one of the most beautiful color types but also the rarest one.

A chocolate point Siamese cat is a cat that has ivory-white fur with warm milk chocolate color points that usually appear on the cat’s face, tail, paws, ears, and slightly on the back.

Moreover, these cats are characterized by their big vivid blue eyes, pink paw pads, and pinkish nose leather. These cats are also characterized by muscular bodies and may reach a weight from 8-12 pounds and a height from 8-10 inches.

Chocolate point Siamese is often mistaken for the seal point, so read on to find out what are the differences between these two color types.

Chocolate Point Siamese Cat And Seal Point Siamese Cat

The colorings of the chocolate and the seal point Siamese cat are very similar, especially during the kitten age. The main reason for that is because the choccie Siamese is actually a result of a genetic mutation in the seal point Siamese cat.

What these two have in common is their brown color point markings on their heads, tails, paws, and slightly on their backs.

However, once you see the difference you cannot unsee it! The main difference is that the Siamese cats with dark brown markings are called seal points, while those with lighter coat colors are known as chocolate point cats.

The color of the choccie is ivory-white but the shade may vary a bit, and the markings are light chocolate brown.

Another difference between them is that chocolate points have a nose and paw pads that are pink in color, while for seal points they are a brown color without any pink undertones.

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The Origin Of The Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

cat with blue eyes lying on the sofa

According to beliefs, Siamese cats originated from Thailand because it’s where they were seen for the first time. At that time, Thailand was known as Siam, and that is how they got the name Siamese. Unfortunately, there is no other information about their origin.

But according to research, the chocolate point Siamese cats were discovered for the first time in the 1880s. At that time, these chocolate beauties were mistaken for seal points as they’re quite similar.

One of the most interesting things about the Siamese is that these cats were considered to be sacred in Thailand; they were highly respected and protected by the law.

These cats used to live in temples and exporting them out of the country was banned. However, people still managed to export them, and this can be seen in how popular they are and the fact that they can now be found almost anywhere in the world.

Chocolate Point Siamese Cat Price

Siamese cats are highly interesting to cat lovers, for both their personality and their stunning appearance. Because of their enduring popularity, the Siamese cat price is never low!

A chocolate point Siamese cat is one of the most popular color types of a Siamese, but their rarity increases their price. The price for one of these cats depends on the pet-quality as well as where you buy the cat.

To be prepared, you should know that the average price of a chocolate point Siamese goes from $600 to $1200. This price is for pet-quality, not a show cat or a breeding cat.

A purebred chocolate point Siamese kitten of higher quality may cost between $600 and $1800, or even more. If it’s a championship bloodline, you can expect the price to be around $2500.

When buying a kitten, the best thing to do is to look for reputable breeders who have chocolate point Siamese kittens available. That’s highly important, especially if you want a purebred feline.

Reputable breeders test their kittens for genetic diseases, check them frequently, and vaccinate them regularly. Moreover, when purchasing, you should get all the relevant documentation with the kitten, as well as a health guarantee.

On the other hand, if you’re not looking for a purebred, you can also check for Siamese kittens in adoption or rescue centers. Believe it or not, if you’re lucky, you can find a purebred Siamese there, waiting for you to give her all the love and attention she needs.

Are Chocolate Point Siamese Cats Rare?

 Siamese cat in a pink harness sitting on a wooden bench

Chocolate point Siamese cats are quite uncommon, therefore anyone who wants it may have trouble finding one. They are a genetic variety of the seal point, which accounts for their rarity.

This siamese color is very beautiful and popular but because it’s very rare, the price is also higher than the rest of the Siamese colors, especially the more common ones. The seal point is much more common, and it’s the most popular color for this cat breed.

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6 Interesting Facts About Chocolate Point Siamese Cats

Most of these facts are relevant to Siamese cats in general, not just for chocolate point Siamese cats, as the color doesn’t have any effect on the cat’s personality. However, if you’re thinking about getting a chocolate point Siamese, here are some things that you should know about this interesting cat breed.

They’re Very Talkative!

Siamese cats are popular for being very loud and talkative. It’s the same with chocolate points. So, if you want a calm and quiet cat, then this cat breed is not for you!

If you tend to worry that your cat might want something, you don’t need to think about it if you have a Siamese because these cats will definitely let you know when something is wrong or when they need something.

So, if you like to chit chat with your feline friend, then you should get yourself a Siamese cat; it will certainly never be boring!

They Can Be Very Naughty!

If not trained properly, or not exercised enough, these kitties may become real trouble makers. Sometimes, they may make a mess simply out of curiosity while exploring their environment.

If you don’t spare some time to interact and play with your cat, your Siamese cat may become bored and start doing some naughty things to keep themselves entertained or to get your attention!

This is why it is so important that you train and socialize your feline properly. Play with your Siamese and exercise her frequently, and most importantly, protect your environment as much as you can to prevent possible injuries or damage to furniture.

Watch Out For The Behavior!

point siamese cat playful raising paw

These cats aren’t necessarily aggressive, however, every cat breed can be provoked and this may lead to aggressive behavior. Some of the following things may cause unwanted behavior in Siamese cats:

• Lack of attention – these cats require a lot of attention and shouldn’t be left alone for too long.

• Territorial – just like every other cat breed, Siamese cats may become aggressive when defending their territory from other unknown animals.

• Changes in a routine – cats are creatures of habits and just like every other cat, Siamese cats can become aggressive and display unwanted behavior when experiencing change.

• Jealousy – these cats are very loyal and attached to their owners, therefore, they may show signs of aggression if they see their owner giving attention to another pet or similar.

They’re Very Active!

Chocolate point Siamese cats, as with every other variety of the Siamese, have high energy levels, which means that they require a lot of exercise and training.

The best thing to do is to provide your feline with plenty of interesting toys and a lot of space to explore and play in. Most importantly, don’t forget to play with your feline friend whenever you can.

As previously mentioned, these cats are very intelligent, but still, if you want to have a perfectly behaved feline friend, you need to start training your cat from a young age. Remember, that all training requires time and a lot of patience, but if you do it properly, you’ll have a purrfect furry friend who can do some pawsome tricks.

They’re Highly Intelligent And Curious!

Siamese cats are very intelligent and curious. This means you need to set aside some time to play with them or provide them with interesting toys to play with when you’re not there.

Either way, these cats need to be both mentally and physically active; with some training and patience they may even learn some tricks.

As a result of their intelligence, these cats are very curious, so don’t be surprised to see them exploring their environment and checking out new objects.

They’re Great Family Pets!

If you’re looking for the perfect family pet that’s good with children and even other pets, then a Siamese cat could be the perfect choice for you. If you can find a beautiful chocolate point, it’s even better.

Even though these cats are very active, they’re still gentle and adore interaction, which makes them perfect for children of all ages. Moreover, when it comes to pets, these cats are happy to welcome some company, however, make sure that you introduce other pets to them carefully and gradually.

Finally, many cats get anxious or stressed around unknown people. This is not usually the case with Siamese cats as they’re too curious to hide from strangers, instead they’re more likely to go and meet them!

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Other Breed Info

Siamese cat close up in the sun


Chocolate Points, just like any other color of Siamese cat, are very playful, friendly, loyal, and fun cats. They are also very active which means that they need a lot of attention. They genuinely seem to adore interacting with people and other pets, which is why they make such brilliant family pets too.

However, if you’re looking for a quiet companion, then the Siamese is not the best choice for you as they’re very loud and talkative. If you opt for a Siamese, you have to be prepared for a lot of meow chats during the day, especially if your cat isn’t satisfied with something!

These friendly cats are highly intelligent, which means that they’re easy to train and socialize, but it also means that you shouldn;t let them get bored, or leave them alone for too long.

Instead, you should keep your Siamese kitty mentally and physically active, especially if you want to avoid unwanted behavior in your feline companion. Bored Siamese cats tend to act up and their exploration can turn into destruction!

Health & Lifespan

Siamese cats in general, are very healthy cats. This can be seen in their long lifespan. These cats may reach the age of 15 to 20 years, however, that mostly depends on the cat’s life quality, such as the cat’s general health, its food quality, as well as mental and physical activity, and many other things.

Even though Siamese cats are a healthy cat breed, they are still prone to certain health issues such as the following:

• Hip dysplasia – a hip joint deformity.

• Feline hyperesthesia syndrome – sensitivity of the cat’s skin.

• Amyloidosis – an abnormal accumulation of proteins in the body.

• Respiratory issues – issues caused by a bacterial or viral infection.

• Progressive retinal atrophy – affects the eye cells eventually leading to blindness.

• Heart issues – they’re prone to both genetic heart issues and acquired ones.

• Feline asthma – breathing difficulties with accompanying symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and similar.

Grooming And Other Needs

You may think that these beauties require a lot of grooming, but you’d be surprised. Siamese cats require very little grooming, but still they need proper coat care.

They are shorthair cats with soft fur that doesn’t shed too much but they still require brushing at least once a week.

Besides brushing, you need to pay attention to the cat’s ears, nails, and teeth as well. Make sure that you brush your cat’s teeth and clean its ears regularly, and cut the cat’s nails every 10 to 14 days in order to prevent possible claw infections or other issues (as well as claw damage around your home).


Balinese Cat with Blue Eyes

What Is The Rarest Type Of Siamese Cat?

The rarest color type of Siamese cat is the flame point. Anyone who comes across a flame point kitten will definitely be lucky, but he will also pay a high price for the kitten because of their rarity and how sought-after they are.

What Is The Most Popular Siamese Color?

The most popular Siamese color type is the seal point, and it’s the most common one. The very first Siamese cats were seal points, so this traditional color is the first thing everyone imagines when someone mentions Siamese cats.

What Is The Difference Between The Siamese And The Himalayan?

The main difference between the Siamese and the Himalayan cat is that the Siamese is a natural breed, while the Himalayan is a mixture of the Siamese and Persian cats. They do typically share the same coat color, but the Himalayan’s fur is more like that of a Persian cat; it’s much longer than that of Siamese cats and it requires higher maintenance.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, chocolate point Siamese cats are one of many color types of Siamese cats. This Siamese color is very popular and sought-after because they are lighter than the traditional seal point and because they’re very rare.

Of course, as you might expect, their rarity comes at a price. The price of a chocolate point Siamese may be a bit higher than for other Siamese colors. However, for such a beautiful cat with such a loving personality, it’s definitely worth it!

As far as the personality and other needs are concerned, these are the same for every other type of Siamese cat because the coat color doesn’t determine the cat’s behavior, temperament, or certain other needs they may have.

If you have enough time, love, and attention for this cat, and you’re prepared to care for a cat with a higher activity level, then I’m sure that you’ll enjoy your choccie furry companion for a long time.