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Siamese Cat Price And Info About The Breed

Siamese Cat Price And Info About The Breed

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The Siamese cat breed is very popular and undoubtedly a gorgeous breed, even if they are very chatty and meow loudly at times (often too loudly!). Some people confuse Thai cats with Siamese cats, but while they’re very similar in so many aspects, Thai cats are a bit larger.

Siamese cats are extremely intelligent, kind, lively, and sociable. It is critical to start working with this breed at a young age to train them and keep them from getting spoiled, so they don’t start loudly meowing their demands all the time.

Even if you don’t mind having a very talkative cat around, it is always important to devote time and effort to training, teaching, and caring for your cat. There is no such thing as a cat that is too well-behaved!

Key Characteristics
Height 8-10 inches
Weight 6-14 lbs
Lifespan 15-20 years
Colors Chocolate, lilac, silver, cream, ebony, red, white
Temperament Intelligent, friendly, sociable, chatty, affectionate, active

Continue reading to find out more about this beautiful cat breed; find out the typical Siamese cat price, and learn more about its personality, appearance, and how to keep them happy and healthy..

Siamese Cat Price, Appearance, Personality, And More

Siamese cat resting on the floor

Siamese cats are a gorgeous, clever cat breed with a sweet personality. They are often described as dog-like in their behavior, and they do need plenty of attention from their owners, similar to Maine Coons and Ragdolls.

These cats are short-haired, thin, and color tipped; they are very attractive and this has made them a popular cat breed for a very long time.

Because of their strong pure bloodlines, their eyes are always blue, and their short coats make them perfect for allergy-prone owners because they shed less.

These cats enjoy cuddling, being petted, and being held. They will listen and contribute to a conversation with you. They normally pick one person as their primary human with whom they will form a unique attachment, but they will also be close to other members of the household.

Siamese cats are also highly energetic, vivacious cats. They are quite intelligent, so you will usually need a lot of toys, cat trees, or other items to keep them entertained. If you can, get another cat so your Siamese has company when you’re not around.

These cats are easy to train, easy to groom, and easy to introduce to other pets and people. The only aspect of their health that you should be aware of is their tendency for dental disorders, liver illness, and asthma. You should get them screened at least once a year and, of course, take them to the vet on a regular basis for checkups.

Fun fact: The Siamese cat breed originates in Thailand and is one of the oldest Asian cats still in existence. They were known as the Royal Cats of Siam as Thailand was once known as Siam.

Siamese Cat Price Range

The price of an adult Siamese cat varies greatly depending on its characteristic point markings. Although most Siamese cats have similar features such as dark points on their face and pale-colored bodies, the color of their coat allows them to be divided into four types:

• Lilac point Siamese

• Blue point Siamese

• Chocolate point Siamese

• Seal point Siamese

These four coat colors are approved by the CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association), and can be sourced from reputable breeders. The average price of a Siamese cat varies from $250 to $1000, and for some show-quality purebred Siamese, the price can exceed $1000.

Price Range Of Siamese Kittens

There is one very surprising fact about the price of Siamese kittens and cats. For other cat breeds, the price of kittens is usually much higher.

Usually, the older the cat gets, the lower its price. This is not the case with Siamese cats. Siamese kittens actually cost less than adult Siamese cats, which can set you back more than $1000.

The price of Siamese kittens is usually between $250 and $600, going up to $1000. Adult show-quality Siamese cats can cost a lot more than that, depending on the breeder, the cat’s color points, and the overall breeder standards.

Size & Appearance

As soon as they set eyes on one, people recognize the Siamese cat breed. Siamese cats have silky coats of short hair, but the coloring of their coat is what truly distinguishes them. The base, i.e. most of the body, is usually white, silvery gray, or cream in color. The color point parts of Siamese cats coats (on the cat’s face, ears, legs, and tail) are darker in color. Their short coats make them ideal for allergy-prone cat-lovers as they tend to shed less.

Purebred Siamese cats always have lovely blue eyes, and this is one of the reasons why they are so popular and sought after by cat-lovers.

Siamese cats usually grow up to 10 inches in height. Male cats weigh from 8 to 14 lbs, and female Siamese cats can weigh from 6 to 13 lbs.

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Coat Patterns & Colors

People usually imagine a Siamese cat to be cream with dark color points. However, these cats can have points in four different colors:

Seal point Siamese cat (typical cream-colored body with a dark seal colorpoint)

Chocolate point Siamese cat (ivory body with chocolate colorpoint)

Blue point Siamese cat (light silver body with a dark, grayish-blue colorpoint)

Lilac point Siamese cat (light cream body with a pinkish-gray colorpoint)

These are the most common coat colors but Siamese cats can also have other color points, such as the lynx point, tortoiseshell and tabby in all possible colors listed below, and flame point Siamese which is the rarest one.

Possible color variations can include chocolate, lilac, silver, cream, ebony, red, and white.

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Personality & Temperament

beautiful siamese cat with blue eyes is walking outside

Siamese cats are extremely friendly, loving, active, and social. These cats are also very outgoing and energetic; they love their owners, and nothing is greater than playtime with them. Siamese cats are also quite sensitive, so it’s always best to spend some time training them and teaching them how to behave using positive reinforcement rather than yelling at them when they disobey.

Siamese cats are easily trained, and if you use positive reinforcement (like giving treats when they do something correctly), you’ll get a very well-behaved pet cat. Siamese cats are also quite affectionate, and they can be prone to following their humans around the house, looking for cuddles and attention.

Siamese cats love being petted and held, but they also enjoy some private time too. This means that it’s fine to leave them alone from time to time; they won’t get depressed without you. The most commonly known aspect of the personality and temperament of a Siamese cat is that they’re talkative.

Every cat is different, as I always say, but most Siamese cats love to talk to their owners. This doesn’t mean that Siamese cats will annoy their owners with a constant meow all the time, it just means that they are a bit more chatty than other cat breeds. However, all Siamese cats have their own unique personality, and some will only be vocal when they need to be.

Health & Lifespan

The average Siamese cats’ expected lifespan is from 15 to 20 years of age, but some Siamese cats can live even longer. These cats are generally healthy. However, there are a few health problems that you need to be aware of as a Siamese cat owner.

The biggest health risks for a Siamese cat are liver disease (i.e. amyloidosis), teeth issues, asthma, and some types of feline cancers. However, if you get your cat from a reputable breeder, you’ll be as sure as you possibly can that your cat is healthy.

Registered breeders screen and test all their cats and kittens regularly and it is crucial that you continue to do so once you get a kitten of your own. Kittens can be perfectly healthy, but develop illnesses or health issues in later life.

Activity & Living Needs

Siamese cats are a little smaller than average domestic cat breeds, but they are also very energetic and active cats. The Siamese cat will require a lot of playtime and different forms of entertainment. Siamese cats are also very intelligent, so they need a lot of attention and affection from their owners so they don’t feel anxious or neglected.

The best thing you can do for your Siamese cat is to get them a cat! Haha, all jokes aside, having two cats is always a great idea; it means both your cats have a play buddy of their own. This is great for when you’re not around for a longer period of time, it can stop your Siamese cat getting bored or depressed.

Siamese cats love their owners! They enjoy the company of humans more than anything, so you will still need to provide plenty of affection and attention, even if they have a cat buddy to play with. Siamese cats make great companions in all their owners’ daily duties, from going to bed to going to the bathroom. These cats love to share every moment of their day with their humans.

Siamese cats also tend to get cold, so you need to take special care of them during the winter and when it’s colder, especially if you live in a colder climate. Providing them with extra blankets, bed warmers, and/or cat clothes is a great idea.

These cats are considered to be quite dog-like, especially male Siamese cats. The good news is that this means most of them are great with other pets and around kids.

These cats don’t require much grooming, but they do require a lot of playtime, toys, cat trees, and any form of entertainment you can dream up! Siamese cats are easily trained but remember, they won’t do everything you want (but rather what they want!)

Grooming & Nutrition

Siamese cats have a short coat and don’t shed a lot, so it is not necessary to comb or groom them a lot. You are required to clean their ears on a regular basis and brush them once a week. Sometimes brushing every two weeks is enough for a beautiful and clean coat.

When it comes to nutrition, you should provide high-quality, meat-based cat foods and always pay close attention to your Siamese cat’s diet.

Siamese cats are prone to obesity, so you need to monitor their food intake carefully. You should watch and observe how much your Siamese cats eat, especially at the beginning, until you get used to it. Your vet will tell you exactly how much food per day your cat needs, and you should stick to that diet plan.

How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost?

Cute kitten siamese cat indoor

Well, we’ve covered the price of Siamese cats and kittens and how much it typically costs to buy them, but how much does it cost to own and take care of a Siamese cat as a pet? Continue reading and find out all you have to know about the true Siamese cat price – how much it costs when adopting or buying and the average monthly costs of owning one.

Getting A Siamese Cat

Before we get to the monthly cost of owning this beautiful cat breed, you need to know approximately how much the purchase of a Siamese cat is going to cost you.

Adopting A Siamese Cat

Even though Siamese cats are unlikely to be left at an animal shelter, or abandoned in a rescue center, sometimes, if you are lucky, you might be able to find a Siamese cat up for adoption.

Due to the popularity of the breed, Siamese cats are sometimes up for sale because their number is increasing, and some breeders can’t manage to sell all their kittens or can’t take care of their older Siamese cats, and therefore put them up for adoption, for a much, much lower price than they would usually sell them.

Approximate cost: $20 – $200

Siamese Cat Breeders

It is always best to buy from reputable breeders, whichever cat breed you might want. Buying a Siamese cat from a reputable and registered breeder may be quite expensive, but it is worth it if it means you are certain about your cat’s health and wellbeing. Your breeders will give you all the documentation, health and parent history, genetics, and any other info you might want to help you know all you need to know about the breed.

Purebred Siamese cats are quite expensive, and their price varies depending on the breeder. Always look for reputable breeders when you decide to buy a Siamese cat. After all, you want to support a good cattery and be sure that your cat is purebred, and healthy and that you can consult the breeder for any information you might need in the future.

Approximate cost: $250 – $1000+

You might want to check out the following articles that contain additional info about Siamese cat breeders located in the USA:

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You can check out their detailed information and read reviews of previous buyers and cat owners about the breed and the breeders. You can also check out what each breeder says about their Siamese cats and kittens. Browse through these articles and find out everything you need to know about Siamese cat breeders and about the breeding process, as well as purchase deals.

Additionally, you might even find a suitable breeder and available kittens for sale.

Free Siamese Cats

The Siamese cat breed is quite popular and it is not likely that you will find these cats at a shelter or anywhere else for free. Siamese cats are somewhat luxurious in the cat world, so they are less likely to be abandoned. The most likely way to find a Siamese kitten or cat for free is if you know someone who happens to be giving away Siamese kittens or cats that they can no longer take care of.

Siamese Cats Monthly Cost

Initial SupplieApproximate Monthly Cost
ID tag$15
Microchip $50
Food and water dishes$9 - $15
Neuter/Spay $200 - $450
Cat bed$20+
Brush/Comb $10+
Cat tree/Scratch post$20 - $200+
Litter box and scoop$20+
Cat toys $20+


All cats are different, and all Siamese cats differ from one another as well. It depends on whether your Siamese cat is laid-back or picky about its food preferences. When choosing a food brand, type, and variety, always check the ingredients. Try to buy more meat-based and grain-free foods, and always try to buy the best quality foods you can afford. For the perfect diet, mix dry food and wet food, and your Siamese cat will be content and well-fed.

Approximate monthly cost: $15- $25.


Siamese cats are generally very healthy and don’t require high maintenance. Unless they develop symptoms of disease, you will only need to take them to their annual check-up with the vet. When they get older, these check-ups might get more frequent.

Approximate monthly cost: $100


Siamese cats have a short-haired coat and don’t require much grooming. You do need to brush them every now and then, so their coats stay clean, and you need to bathe them. However, once you’ve bought a good brush and a cat shampoo, you’re all set up. The only additional cost is when you use up the shampoo, and you need to buy another one!

Approximate monthly cost: $7

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is always a great idea, especially when you buy/adopt an expensive cat breed like a Siamese cat. The price of pet insurance will depend on the insurance provider, the level of cover you choose, and the age and health of your cat.

Approximate monthly cost: $20- $40

Environmental Supplies

Cats are generally low maintenance. However, you do need to provide them with some basic supplies. Siamese cats, like all indoor cats, require a litter box, litter box tray, scratchers, litter, deodorizers… All of this is required on a monthly basis, depending on how much of it gets used up. You will quickly learn how often you need to change the litter and how much of the deodorizer you need per day, and you will be able to calculate the monthly cost of environmental supplies for your Siamese cat.

Approximate monthly cost: $15 – $30

Toys And Entertainment

Cat toys and other forms of entertainment depend on you, your preferences, and your budget. You can buy a couple of toys when you get a Siamese cat and then buy them again after half a year; it depends on your cat.

As we all know, cats love cardboard boxes, so it really depends on how much you want to spend. You can pick up a new toy for your cat every week or buy a few of them every two months. As long as your cat is happy, it doesn’t matter if you’ve spent $5 or $50 on their toys.

Approximate monthly cost: $10 – $50

Additional Costs

You should always be prepared for any emergency situation that could arise with your Siamese cat. You should also have a budget for any damage that might happen in your house, from a scratched couch to getting a pet sitter if you need to go away from home for a longer period of time.

Estimated Annual Cost Of A Siamese Cat

SuppliesEstimated Annual Cost
Cat Insurance$350
Health check-ups$150
Flea, parasites treatments$70 - $100
Cat food$900
Litter box (change per year) $20+
Cat Litter$100
Total Around $1600

This all depends on the purchase option you choose or get. If you buy from a reputable breeder, as aforementioned, it will cost more. So add $1000 or $2000 to the annual and lifetime cost of owning a Siamese cat.

Money-Saving Tips

siamese cat laying

Owning a Siamese cat is not a cheap deal. You have to be prepared both emotionally and financially for it, which is why I have some money-saving tips that could help you while raising your beloved Siamese kitten.

• Invest in pet insurance – without pet insurance you’ll always worry about unexpected costs. You need to be prepared for anything and have a budget for any unexpected circumstances. If you have to pay for pet care this can mean unexpected bills. Whereas, with pet insurance you’ll be protected, and won’t have to worry.

• Discounts and sales – you can save money if you buy pet supplies in bulk as many stores offer discounts when you buy more products. You can also wait out for sales and then buy more of the products you need for less money. Additionally, almost anything you need you can find on Amazon. You can buy it on sale, and often you can avail of free shipping.

• DIY cat toys and beds – you can find many tutorials online for making some toys or even a cat bed on your own. You can find tutorials and use left-over materials or buy some fabric on sale, and make a cat bed or cat toys for a much lower price than if you go to a store and buy a toy or a bed.

• Avoid groomers – you can brush, bathe and groom your Siamese cat all by yourself, therefore you don’t need to spend extra money on professional groomers and pet salons.


Is a Siamese cat rare?

Yes, Siamese cats are quite rare but are also becoming more and more popular each year. A lot of people consider Siamese cats the most beautiful and elegant cat breed, because of their striking appearance and origin. Siamese cats used to be kept as guardians of temples in the past, in their country of origin – Thailand.

Is a Siamese cat a good pet?

Yes, Siamese cats make great family pets. They are friendly, affectionate, sociable and active cats. Siamese cats are also quite vocal, some more than others, but they are also easily trained so their chatty side shouldn’t be a problem.

How much does a Siamese cat cost?

You can find Siamese kittens at a price of $600 to $800, but if you want to buy a pedigreed show-worthy Siamese cat, from a reputable breeder, you better be prepared to dig deep into your pockets as prices can go as high as $3000.

What does a Siamese cat look like?

The most noticeable feature of a Siamese cat is its colorpoint shorthair fur and its striking blue eyes. Siamese cats are immediately recognized by cat lovers and anyone who knows anything about some popular cat breeds . The distinguished colorpoint coat of a Siamese cat is very recognizable.

What’s the most expensive cat?

The most expensive cat is the Ashera, whose price can be as high as $125,000. It is followed by the Savannah cat breed, which can cost up to $25,000.

Compared to these cat breeds, buying a Siamese cat seems like a bargain lol.

Final Words

The Siamese cat breed is popular and gorgeous, yet they may be very chatty and meow loudly at times. That can be too much for some potential pet-owners.

Otherwise, Siamese cats are extremely intelligent, loving, active, and energetic. It is essential you start working with this breed at a young age to train them and keep them from becoming spoiled, so they don’t start demanding all your attention by meowing all the time.

Whether your cat demands your attention by meowing and following you around or prefers to be more independent, early training is crucial.

Nobody ever complained that their cat was too well behaved.

When it comes to the Siamese cat price and the average cost of owning one, to sum up, you can find Siamese kittens for a price of $200 to $600, but if you’d like to buy a show-worthy adult Siamese cat, you’ll probably have to pay a bit more than that. The average price of a Siamese cat will most likely exceed $1000, and can even go as high as $2500.

Now that you’ve seen the average prices and some examples of monthly and annual costs, I hope that you can calculate the expense and consider all that’s necessary for your decision; whether or not you want to buy a Siamese cat. Hopefully, this article helps shape the idea and points you in the right direction.

You’ve seen all about the costs, and additionally, you have some money-saving tips listed above you can consider if you decide to get a Siamese cat.

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