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Couple Buys A Farmhouse And It Came With A Surprise That Changed Their Lives

Couple Buys A Farmhouse And It Came With A Surprise That Changed Their Lives

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I remember when I moved into our first apartment with my husband. It was our first home together, and we were ecstatic because the previous owner left behind a lamp. A free lamp – who could complain?

Today’s story reminds me of those days, but Emily and Dylan didn’t get a free lamp with the home they purchased. They’ve received something way better, if you ask me! 

a lot of cats in the yard
Credit: YouTube

Emily and her partner Dylan decided to buy a farmhouse with a mission to turn it into a sanctuary for animals in need. Little did they know, 16 feral cats have already found refuge on their property…

man feeding cats
Credit: YouTube

The sweetest cat colony claimed the property long before Emily and Dylan came into the picture. As Dylan said in his video:

“The realtor said they don’t really think they can catch the cats, is it gonna be a dealbreaker? And I said ‘No’.”

Previous homeowners used to feed the cats in their old barn, so Dylan and Emily decided to do the same.

They would hang out with them in their driveway and feed them every day. Emily quickly realized that not all of the cats were feral. 

a cat getting brushed
Credit: YouTube

She would sit down next to them in their backyard, and while the cats were enjoying some treats, Emily would manage to sneak in a scratch or two. The cats didn’t mind it at all!

cat lying with green toy
Credit: YouTube

She started bringing out toys and some catnip for them, and the sweet ginger fluffballs had the time of their lives! However, Emily wanted to provide them with a roof over their head and she quickly figured out how to do it.

a man doing the shells
Credit: YouTube

Behind their house was an old shed, so Emily decided to completely renovate it and turn it into a cat room.

Her husband helped her build everything, even making a wall-mounted catwalk for them. Emily bought custom heated beds for every one of her feline friends, making it a safe haven! As Dylan shared:

“They absolutely love the cat room.”

cat sitting on the shell
Credit: YouTube

Although they never owned cats before, Emily and Dylan fell in love with their new feline companions in no time. As Emily shared:

“When we first moved in, we were definitely overwhelmed by them. Now we look at them as part of our family.”

When they first moved in, the cats were somewhat afraid of them, scattering around whenever they tried coming close. However, today the cats can’t wait for them to come home! As Emily also mentioned:

“I think the best part is just having that unconditional love that the cats have given us. It taught me a lot about just loving animals in the way that they deserve and want to be loved.”

cats lying in their beds
Credit: YouTube

In the future, Emily plans to provide sanctuary for other animals in need and of course, provide the best life for her 16 cats!

I’m so grateful for Emily and Dylan and their dedication to these sweet cats. Make sure to follow their journey over on Instagram and meet all their cats!

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